Melbourne’s Best Chicken Burgers

By Stefanie Reilly
10th Nov 2014

It's pretty evident that Melbourne is no stranger to the mighty burger. After all we've been bangin' on about burgers for months… and months…and well, months. BUT while we've been bangin', we've kinda skipped over the little ol' chicken burger: the underdog of the burger family. So now we think it's only fair to cut this little dude some slack; you know, give him the focus he deserves. Consider this, ladies and gents, an ode to Melbourne's best chicken burgers! So, put your best beak forward and get sampling!

Fat Bob's


If you consider yourself a burger connoisseur of sorts then chances are you've already heard about Fat Bob's. Perhaps you've already been? But for those who haven't, this deceptively large diner is definitely worth the trip. Not only will you feel like you've stepped into a US diner the moment you walk in, but the food absolutely lives up to the hype! If you love your burger crumbed, you have to try the glorious panko crumbed Victa featuring Asian slaw with coriander, Japanese mayo and bbq sauce. The crumbs are to.die.for! If you're a bit more of a grilled chicken burger kinda person, the Hudson is for you. Enjoy bacon, avocado salsa, tomato, cos lettuce and the delicious Fat Bob special sauce. Either way you go, you won't be disappointed. That's a promise!

The Beer & Burger Bar


Life's too short for crap burgers. That's the slogan at The Beer & Burger Bar and we couldn't agree more. With free-range chicken and locally sourced ingredients, you know you're in good, ethical burger hands before you've even ordered. So what to order? Well…it's all about the Crispy Chicken Burger here. Think crumbed chicken, caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, relish and aioli. Oh and for something a little different, this bad boy has smashed avo. I guess you could say it's a little gourmet?  Load up on sides, too – the eggplant chips and sticky pork ribs are definitely a goer!

Royale Bros


Located in the hub of Brighton, you'll find Royale Bros, one of the city's best-known places for delivering top-quality, delicious burgers. Snap up the Grilled Chicken and enjoy beautifully grilled pieces of chicken layered with lettuce pickles, cheese, tomato and a tasty array of sauces: chimichurri mayo and the classic Royale sauce. With great buns, a smoky chicken flavour and pickles sourced all the way from New York – this is definitely one of Melbourne's best burger joints to get your fix. The best part? It's licensed too, so why not seat yourself outside, lap up the sunshine and enjoy a cold beer or wine?

The Meatball & Wine Bar

Collingwood, Melbourne CBD and Richmond

Now for something a little different but still burger-related… Have you had the chicken sliders at The Meatball & Wine Bar? A blend of chicken, pistachio, muscatels and Parmesan sandwiched between mini brioche buns with your choice of sauce… Sound good hey? Spectacularly delicious is more like it! Each serve is complete with three mini sliders, which means you can eat three times as much as you normally would, right? Side note: Make sure you make the most of the cured meats and cheeses at this place. All in all, they've got you covered!

Hello Sam

South Yarra

At Hello Sam it's all about choice! Visit for the most extensive burger menu in the city and order any of their mouth-watering chicken delights how YOU like them! Choose from six amazing chicken burgers, grilled or crumbed and enjoy them on traditional Turkish bread or on the ever-popular brioche. Our fave? The Aloha Sam, crumbed and on Turkish bread complete with lettuce, bacon, Swiss cheese, red onion, pineapple and the super tasty sweet chilli mayo. This Hawaiian delight is everything a chicken burger should be and more, so grab you best burger buddy and head on in! Insider's Tip: If you're after something a little more on the healthy side, grab any one of Hello Sam's grilled chicken varieties or opt to have it naked, which in Hello Sam lingo means it's made salad-style and served with quinoa and slaw! Delish.



For one of Melbourne's BIGGEST and tastiest chicken burgers you need to pay Streat in Flemington a little visit, but leave your healthy ideas at home! This miraculous delight starts with a crispy southern fried free-range chicken breast that has been soaked in buttermilk brine to help build the flavour. Hold onto your hearts! It's then topped with Streat's special slaw of red and green cabbage and fresh coriander, topped with a generous helping of cheese, mayo and a lovely drizzle of Sriracha sauce to really bring that flavour home! If you're after an indulgent burger that's got all the goods, the Streat chicken burger is your answer!?

Parlour Diner


Behold the mighty Parlour Diner and its even mightier chicken burger. This tower-style burger is so high that when it's brought to the table you actually start questioning whether you'll be able to get it into your mouth. In short: you will, and it will be glorious. Packed to the max with succulent crispy fried chicken, pickles, tomato, cheese, slaw and chipotle sauce, you'll think you've died and gone to foodie heaven. The standout here is the absolutely delicious chaos sauce, spiced with jalapenos. It's so good you'll want to drink it up with a straw – or just dip your curly fries in, which you MUST order. If you haven't been to Parlour Diner yet, you should be running to get a table. Go!????


Prahran, Collingwood and Melbourne CBD

These guys are good. You already know that because you've probably stuffed yourself silly with Huxtaburger's selection of beef burgers countless times (ain't nothin' wrong with dat) BUT now we're telling you to go back and give the ol' chicken burger a go! Bite into the Clair and you'll find some of the most tender Southern fried chicken going around. It's crispy, it's flavourful, it's amazing – pretty much everything a KFC chicken burger could have been, but isn't. You'll get to choose between the slaw with mayo or the slaw with jalapeno mayo. Well that's a no-brainer now isn't it? Jalapeno all the way for a nice little kick! We probably don't even need to mention the buttery brioche buns do we? 10/10??!

Rockwell and Sons


In true Americana style, the chicken burgers at Rockwell and Sons are called sandwiches. Confusing? Not once you read all the burger-like contents and then start to drool on the menu. Awkward. Don't read the menu for too long, though; take it from us and snap up the Fried Chicken Sandwich! You'll be transported to the South West just seconds after taking your first bite. The chicken in this beast is so incredibly soft that you can cut the burger in half with a butter knife! Not even kidding. But somehow it still manages to be incredibly crispy too. Add the buttermilk dressing and crystal hot sauce and you've definitely got one of the best burgers in Melbourne town.  

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Image Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

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