The CBD’s Best Takeaway Coffee

By Jane Young
7th Aug 2013

Sometimes all you need is a cup of Joe on the go. So we sent our intrepid caffeine connoisseur, Jane, to pound the streets, laneways and subways (say what?) of the CBD in search of the perfect cup. Here's her somewhat wired verdict on Melbourne's best takeaway coffee.

Cup of Truth is the quintessential takeaway coffee destination in Melbourne, proving that a chic  interior is not necessary to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Its clever location in the underground walkway leading to the Flinders Street Station turnstiles, means that commuters waste no time getting their caffeine fix. And the coffee, oh the coffee! It truly is exceptional.

Their flawless brews are bold in flavour and are delivered perfectly every time. Never be deterred if there is a line; Cup of Truth are the masters of takeaway coffee and even in peak hour you will never wait long. Look for the 'Subway to Station' sign on Flinders street, go underground and get ready for a takeaway coffee that will knock your socks off.
Where: 12 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Street Subway (below Flinders Street) in Melbourne
Contact: 0498 256 786

Little Mule is a little gem. Drinking a cup of their exquisite custom beans is like being kicked by a little mule, in the best way possible! Their house blend, 'The Mutineer', was created by a Little Mule staff member – it packs a punch and is deliciously flavourful.

Tucked at the back of a laneway off Little Bourke, these guys are the ultimate commuter destination because they also offer on-site bike repairs. You are guaranteed a phenomenal takeaway coffee, and you can even get your bike fixed to ensure a safe ride home.
Where: 19 Somerset Place in Melbourne 
Contact: 03 9670 4904

There's a reason why Brother Baba Budan is always bustling. Their main trade is in takeaways, and these guys are like a well-oiled machine. Don't be discouraged if you can barely get your foot in the door, Brother Baba Budan not only make exceptional coffee, they also make it quickly (but their efficiency never jeopardises the quality). It's delicious and creamy and a real favourite amongst locals.
Where: 359 Little Bourke Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9606 0449

I'm particularly fond of Patricia because it reminds me of an espresso bar you'd find in Rome. It oozes effortless sophistication, but remains incredibly warm and inviting. This standing-room-only space pays homage to European traditions, and whatever your coffee preference may be, Patricia will pour an amazing cup every time. If you can't stay to enjoy your coffee with your complimentary sparkling water, the takeaway is equally as delicious. Prepare for a small wait, but also an incredibly smooth and strong coffee blend, and not to mention truly friendly staff.
Where: 493–495 Little Bourke Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9642 2237

Hardware Societe, you had me at donut hole. If you are after a takeaway coffee with a cheeky added extra, then Hardware Societe is the place for you. Reminiscent of a chic café you'd find in Montreal, the staff are as sweet as can be and do their very best to ensure you don't have to wait long. Their takeaways are creamy and smooth, and they even include a mini donut hole on the side -  a delightful and delicious surprise.
Where: 120 Hardware Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9078 5992

There's a hole in a wall on Flinders Street where amazing coffee is being brewed. T-Roy Browns is that place and it will never disappoint. Owner Troy is one of the friendliest baristas around, and his passion for coffee shines in every cup he pours. The customer service is impeccable. If you're running late you can tweet Troy your order (some customers even sms) and he'll have it ready for you when you arrive. Amazing, right?

Despite having bustling Flinders Street at its doorstep, T-Roy Browns still feels like a warm neighbourhood hangout. So get a coffee from Troy, put your name on the loyalty chalkboard, and your morning commute will be better for it.
Where: 365 Flinders Street in Melbourne
Contact: 0421 489 588

If you're a fan of Padre beans, you will fall in love with League of Honest Coffee. Unlike many coffee hotspots in the CBD, League of Honest Coffee is quite spacious, so there is plenty of room to wait for your drink (and take in the fabulous atmosphere). Although you'll never wait long, you will be impressed by the down-to-earth and knowledgeable staff and swept off your feet by the quality of the coffee.
Where: 8 Exploration Lane in Melbourne 
Contact: 03 9654 0169

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