Thick As A Brick | Melbourne’s Best Concretes

By Ben Tyers
3rd Mar 2017


You might have heard the word concrete thrown a bit of late, and no it’s not in reference to the construction of Melbourne’s new Metro tunnels—we’re talking about the dessert.

Sure you could just call it ice cream, but why not add a bit of pizazz to it and name it after a well-known building material. It’s all part of the current American cuisine craze that’s taking over Melbourne, apparently frozen custard is an old fashioned way of making ice cream that originated in Coney Island, creating a smoother and richer flavour than you'll find in your garden variety ice cream.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s delicious. Here are three venues in Melbourne dishing up some delicious frozen custard/concrete.

Laurie Dee’s


Laurie Dee’s has been dealing up their famous Concrete Mixers for a while now, and there are three sizes to choose from. Pick yourself a chocolate or vanilla base, then choose two mix-ins from a delicious range that includes mint sauce, Snickers pieces, caramel popcorn among others. Laurie Dee's is an institution in Melbourne's not, and it's not hard to see why.

Royal Stacks

CBD, Brunswick & Chadstone

Royal Stacks not only serve up a very mean burger, but they also dabble in the art of the concrete. You can get it served in a traditional cup, or even go a bit crazy and eat it straight out of a cone (you rebel). Again—like Laurie Dee’s—there’s the option to choose your flavour base which ranges from French vanilla bean to new york cheesecake and kinder surprise. With that, there’s also a range of mixers on offer like Reeses Peanut Butter, M&Ms and the world’s greatest biscuit—the Tim Tam.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co


Betty’s are so mad for a concrete that it’s even in the name of their business. Their first Victorian store is now open on Elizabeth Street and you’ll find the usual American-style fare of burgers and fries that you've come to expect. You can definitely build your own concrete at Betty’s, but we'd recommend grabbing one of their awesome options on menu like Peanut Butter Brittle with chocolate custard, peanut brittle, hot fudge sauce and vanilla cream or the Almond Toffee Marshmallow with chocolate custard, almond toffee, marshmallow sauce, salted caramel sauce, vanilla cream and cinnamon sugar. If those don't take your fancy, rest assured there are many more to choose from.

In the mood for a different kind of dessert? To keep on top of all your sweet-tooth new, click here.

Image credit: Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. | Carmen Zammit

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