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Melbourne’s Best Ice Cream, Gelato & Froyo

By Iro Kotsimbos - 04 Sep 2013

Jock’s Ice Cream
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Gelateria Primavera
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N2 Extreme Gelato | Fitzroy
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Yo-Chi | Balaclava
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Gelato Messina | Fitzroy
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If there's one thing Melburnians are obsessed with, other than coffee, breakfast and burgers of course, it's sweet treats of the frozen variety. I'm talking ice cream, gelato, and froyo - cold, sweet, delicious goodness. It seems that come rain, hail, or shine (a fairly accurate description of any given day in Melbourne) we flock to ice cream stores in search of iced sweet treats.

That said, there are lots of choices in Melbourne and it can be a little overwhelming. Lucky for you, we slaved away sampling as many flavours as possible to bring you Melbourne's best ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt – you can thank us later.

Image Credit: Jock's


An Albert Park fixture, Jock's creates some of the best ice cream in Melbourne, hands down (the multiple medals are proof!). All it takes is one bite of the wickedly rich Chocolate ice cream, or the gooey Hokey Pokey to understand why people flock to Jock's. There are kookier flavours on offer too - think Pavlova, Lamington and 'Obamarama' - which you can keep track of on Jock's official Twitter.

Image Credit: Helados Jauja


No longer the domain of Italian gelaterias, Lygon Street is the place to find the incredible Argentinian ice cream shop, Helados Jauja (pronounced hkow-hka). The tried-and-true flavours are made from authentic South American recipes and are full of the finest, richest, most drool-worthy ingredients. Our faves? It has to be the Black Forest or the Dulce de Leche. So. Damn. Good!

Image Credit: Passionflower


Think you've tried the ultimate ice cream sundae? If you haven't been to Passionflower, then you can kiss that thought goodbye. Famous for their 'Exotic Podium' desserts, the team at Passionflower create authentic Asian flavours including Green Tea, Sticky Rice, and Lychee Rose. Next time you're there, try the aptly named Awesomeness, or the Final Fantasy.

Image Credit: Trampoline


The creation of Melbourne's Will and Grant Crothers, Trampoline has been one of our go-to places for gelato since opening in 2004. The stores always seem to be buzzing with activity and Trampoline uses that same energy and carefree spirit (with the addition of amazing ingredients, of course) to create flavours such as Bloody Orange, Lemon Lime & Bitters and our favourite, Caramel Pear. The latter will change your life.

Image Credit: Gelateria Primavera


Found opposite the steps of Parliament in the Spring St Grocer, Gelateria Primavera is the city's newest destination for gelato. Stepping into the store feels as if you're stepping straight onto the streets of Italy, and Gelateria Primavera has flavours to match. Take a bite of Fior di Latte, Peach & Basil, or Salted Caramel & Chili and prepare to be transported.

Image Credit: N2 Extreme Gelato


What do you get when you mix a love for all things sweet and delicious with a love for crazy experimentation? N2 Extreme Gelato of course! Using liquid nitrogen to freeze the flavours on the spot, the mad scientists at N2 concoct new flavours each week that will truly blow your mind. Butter & Kaya Toast? Sour Cream Chocolate? Gin & Juice? If you can dream it, N2 can create it – seriously, they're open to suggestions. Do it!

Image Credit: Yo-Chi


All hail Yo-Chi, the all-conquering froyo store located on Carlisle Street, Balaclava. Yo-Chi is ALWAYS busy (seriously, I've never seen it less than packed) and once you try it, you'll know why. By providing delicious self-serve flavours (everything from Original Tart to the new Lemon Cream Cheese Torte) and fresh fruit and deliciously naughty toppings in a fun yet relaxed space, Yo-Chi have created one of Melbourne's most happening social spots. 

Image Credit: Story In A Cup


Story in a Cup is frozen yogurt with a difference - while you enjoy, let's say, an Organic Coconut yogurt topped with banana, strawberry and kiwi, or perhaps Toasted Hazelnut topped with dark chocolate chips, raspberries and almond flakes, the team at Story in a Cup are donating money from each sale to various causes and fundraising efforts. In addition, the froyo flavours are all fat and gluten free so you really can feel good about your visit.

Image Credit: Yogurddiction


Everyone knows about the food van craze that's sweeping Melbourne, but frozen yogurt on-the-go? Now you're talking! The genius idea of a group of froyo addicts, Yogurddiction zips around town in their van, satisfying the cravings of fellow enthusiasts. Want to know where Yogurddiction's at? Make sure you like their Facebook page to keep track of all the latest locations.

There is only one word for this image - HEAVEN! Image Credit: Gelato Messina


Hold on to your hats everyone, Gelato Messina has arrived in Melbourne! The space on Smith Street, Fitzroy has been packed from day one, what with flavours such as Poached Figs in Marsala, Salted Caramel & White Choc Chip, Milk Chocolate with Choc Peanut Fudge, and Pandan & Coconut. With a cult-like following in Sydney, Gelato Messina uses artisanal methods and only the best ingredients to create gelato that you'll go to bed dreaming about (mmmm peanut butterrrrrrrr). Quite simply, we're obsessed.

TUL Note: Finding it hard to choose a flavour? Never fear, we've put together the ultimate Gelato Messina flavour guide.

Image Credit: Tuck Shop Take Away


Remember the days of going to the local milkbar and getting your fill of licorice allsorts, redskins and jersey caramels? Ahhh those were the days. Caulfield's Tuck Shop Take Away is just as nostalgic, serving up Melbourne's best soft serve in a variety of old school lolly flavours that change weekly - seriously, SO addictive! Tuck Shop Take Away must be doing something right because in a matter of months they've built up a cult following, with diners lining up for their one-of-a-kind soft serve. No one does it quite like the Tuck Shop crew!

Main Image Credit: The Bojon Gourmet

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