9 of Melbourne’s Best Mac’n’Cheese Dishes

By Clare Acheson - 27 May 2015

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Macaroni and cheese—is there more drool-worthy a combination?! Saying you’ve clicked on this article, I’m hoping you’ll agree that no, there’s no more godly a carb and dairy combo out there. And maybe it’s just me, but with the slew of epic American style restaurants and awesome foodie hybrids on menus right now, it certainly feels like mac’n’cheese dishes are in their prime.

To celebrate our beautiful city’s very own mac moment here’s the best mac’n’cheese in Melbourne, along with some killer interpretations I never knew I needed in my life.

Truffled mac’n’cheese | The Beaufort


The Beaufort’s menu is crammed full of mouth-watering dishes, but it’s the truffled mac’n’cheese that gets us every time. Topped with a gruyere and crushed Twistie crumble (OMG I can’t even), this is an absolute treat for those that like their cheese dishes with a topping of cheese.

Mac’n’cheese with bacon crumbs | The Gem Bar and Dining Room


Listers, I’m dribbling on my MacBook just thinking about the last time I had the mac’n’cheese at the Collingwood beers-and-barbeque venue, The Gem Bar and Dining Room. As you will no doubt have noted, the clue’s in the title of this dish. Is there ANYTHING better than a rich, creamy cheese and carb based dish topped with bacon crumbs?! No, and that’s what marks out The Gem’s mac’n’cheese as one of the best mac’n’cheese dishes in Melbourne. You’ll be ordering seconds, we can guarantee that. 

Mac’n’cheese jaffle | Oscar Cooper


As someone whose father used to allow her to cover a lunch of grilled cheese on toast with Kraft spreadable cheese (a ‘double-cheeser’, if you will), the Oscar Cooper mac’n’cheese jaffle is a thing of grilled cheese sandwich childhood dreams. Served piping hot with a drizzle of hot sauce, this is Melbourne’s best mac’n’cheese dish to eat on the go.

Lobster mac’n’cheese | Meatmaiden

Melbourne CBD

CBD restaurant Meatmaiden’s lobster mac’n’cheese basically combines the holy trinity of ingredients in one incredible dish. Complete with juicy lobster baked into the mix, this is one mac’n’cheese dish that doesn’t cut corners. Better yet, it comes as standard with The Maiden’s Mood set menu—the chef’s choice of three meats and two sides that always comes with a dose of lobstery, cheesy goodness.

Potato mac’n’cheese croquettes | Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Melbourne CBD

Potatoes + mac’n’cheese x a fryer = Yes, obviously. What sets these mac’n’cheese croquettes apart is the crispiness of their breaded exterior—it’ll be love at first bite at Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Listers!

Mac’n’cheese with speck | Rockpool Bar and Grill


One for you Melbourne mac’n’cheese lovers who are partial to the finer things in live, Rockpool’s mac’n’cheese comes with cured pork (pro-tip: that’s what the ‘speck’ in its name is) and is best enjoyed, like most dishes at the luxury dining destination, with a glass of wine that costs the same price as my weekly Myki pass. Delish.

Mac’n’Cheese carbonara | Sookie La La


Ah, the classic carbonara mac. Sookie La La’s diner-style fare is worth trekking to Northcote for, and its heart-warming ham-filled interpretation of the classic is one of my favourite mac’n’cheese dishes in Melbourne for days when I’m in need of some good old-fashioned carb-heavy comfort food.

Three-cheese mac’n’cheese | Mr Big Stuff

Melbourne CBD

Cheddar, gruyere and comte are the three epic cheeses that go into soul food restaurant Mr Big Stuff’s tasty mac’n’cheese side. If you’re going all on out on the soul food delights, make sure you order the buttermilk fried chicken and waffles too—the spicy maple syrup is juuust what you need to dunk forkfuls of your mac in. Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

Mac’n’cheese croquettes with spicy paprika aioli | The Gasometer


Last but certainly not least, the mac’n’cheese croquettes at The Gasometer in Collingwood are the perfect slab of cheesy goodness for accompanying a pint with friends. Just make sure you order a serving each, or you’ll be fighting about who deserved the last one for days.

If you're keen to get some American BBQ with your mac, check out this awesome round-up. Know of more amazing mac’n’cheese in Melbourne? Tell me about it by dropping me an email here.

Image credit: MinimalistBaker

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