Melbourne’s Best Pimped Up Breakfast Burgers And Burritos

By Ellen Seah
6th Nov 2016

melbournes best breakfast burgers

There are two kinds of people: those who eat burgers for breakfast, and those who find the idea abhorrent. Plain old sourdough and eggs seems like such a calorific waste to the former, avocado topped or not. Why not kick your day off to its rightful greasy start with some of Melbourne’s best pimped up breakfast burgers and burritos instead, amirite?



Stroll into Legacy at anytime of the day and you’ll see more than a handful of tables chowing down on their Legacy buttermilk fried chicken burger. Yes, this includes bright ‘n early in the morning. Topped with charred corn slaw, sriracha mayo and mustard between a fluffy brioche bun, it might just be the ultimate hangover cure.

Higher Ground


To really up your bacon roll game, Melbourne’s newest brunch boss Higher Ground serves a Berkshire bacon sandwich with gribiche brown sauce. Featuring gorgeous high arched ceilings and an impeccably cool, monochromatic design, this isn’t the type of brekkie sambo to grab on the go.



It’s available all day, which obviously means it’s totally acceptable to order at 8 o’clock in the morning. Mammoth’s recently renovated menu waves goodbye to their Insta-famous lobster donut burger, replacing it with winter-friendly chicken katsu, green mango and papaya slaw, cucumber jam and chilli mayo sandwiched between a salt and pepper doughnut. Trust us.

Hardware Societe


Forget limp buns and sub-par bacon, Hardware Societe’s lobster benedict burger will ruin all other breakfast burgers for you (consider yourself warned). On a delicious black bun, they ladle generous amounts of lemon and saffron hollandaise, grilled asparagus, herbs, poached eggs and loads of perfectly cooked shredded lobster. You can’t have a bad day with a start like this. 

Two Lost Boys


A stone’s throw away from Windsor station, this bright, airy café is a local gem a little away from the bustle of Chapel Street. Grab a Breakie Burrito served on a soft tortilla with kick-ass chili scrambled eggs, avocado and Mexican salsa for a deliciously fuss-free start to the day. Two Lost Boys gets brownie points since we can eat this baby one-handed.  

Oscar Cooper


Rolling all your favourite breakfast items into one, deliciously consumable burrito, Oscar Cooper’s breakfast burrito is a must. The no-fail combo of Istra bacon, egg, cheese, avocado and tomato salsa, this start to the morning will turn any burrito-free frown upside down.

Smith & Daughters


For a breakfast burrito that’s actually good for you, head into Smith & Daughters. A protein-packed start with scrambled tofu, crispy chorizo, black beans, spinach, cheese and fresh guac, you can defend yourself from the burrito haters with this veggie-packed burrito bomb.

Trippy Taco

St Kilda, Fitzroy

Melbourne’s famous vegan and veg-friendly Mexican joint, forces you to make an impossible choice between their breakfast burrito, breakfast quesadilla, and breakfast taco. All featuring scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa (in different proportions depending on your dedication to egg/cheese/salsa), you can even oh-so-conveniently order ahead of time if you’re in a rush. Which, let’s be honest, is every morning.  

Fifty Acres


Fancy up your morning brekkie roll with Fifty Acres. A winning combination of scrambled egg, manchego, tomato relish, corn avocado black bean salsa and chipotle, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it would be wise to add optional crispy bacon.

Top Paddock


Sometimes, very occasionally, if it ain’t broke you shouldn’t mess with your food. Top Paddock knows that simplicity is key when it comes to fried egg and bacon rolls, perfectly layering a crispy, runny fried egg with bacon and a slather of tangy tomato relish on a top quality roll. You couldn’t get better if you fried. 

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Image Credit: Legacy

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