Melbourne’s Best Round The World Coffees

By Ellen Seah
9th Jun 2016

round the world coffee

From demands for scalding hot lattes to cappuccino orders so long you’re unsure if the order even counts as coffee anymore, sometimes we all need to get away from Melbourne’s coffee crazies. Sure, we all need to change it up a bit every now and again, but maybe in a different way?

From Malaysia to Lebanon, here are the best places in Melbourne to get your coffee—inspired from around the world.

Vietnamese Coffee

Your relationship with a morning flat white has been going pretty steady, but you know deep down you’re looking for something with a little more spice ‘n life. Be daring and mix up your brunch plans this week with Lawyers Guns & Money. Order a serve of creamy, salty congee with their Trung Nguyên Vietnamese coffee. Trung Nguyên is the largest domestic coffee brand in Vietnam, so you know you’re on the right track.

For a sweeter version, head into Carlton’s Nora or selected N Lee Bakeries for a coconut-y Vietnamese iced coffee.

Moroccan Coffee

The Moroccan version of a coffee, a nus-nus (appropriately meaning half ‘n half) is somewhat comparable to a latte, only leaps and bounds better. Layered with creamy milk, kick-ass black coffee and fluffy milk foam, swap out your usual afternoon coffee with a nus-nus from Moroccan Deli-cacy in Brunswick. You might as well pick up some olives, cheese, spices and tasty treats, since you’re already there.

Lebanese Coffee

Between insanely delicate French Millefeuille slices (vanilla slice), shiny glazed baklava and rose water Mahlabiyeh (a delectable type of chilled custard made from corn flour), cheat on your regular latte with Abla’s traditional Lebanese coffee. It’s thick, rich and bloody perfect.

Irish Coffee

Is there anything better than the (dangerous) caffeinated alcoholic combination of Irish coffee? Probably not. The cosier-than-thou CBD pub, The Last Jar, serves a perfect Friday night Irish coffee with a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, coffee, brown sugar and a generous dollop of whipped cream. We'll take three. 

Malaysian Coffee

Otherwise known as Kopi O (or Kopi Ais for the cold version), these miniature Malaysian coffees are richly flavoured with strong black coffee and generous amounts of sugar. The abundance of traditional Malaysian eateries in Box Hill, Glen Waverley and Chinatown means that Kopi is widely available in Melbourne. Luckily for you.

Particular standouts include Mamak in the CBD with both white or black, and hot or cold Kopi available. Footscray and Highpoint’s Roti Road also serve traditional Malay Kopi with condensed milk and Kopi O with sugar. Papa Rich chains in various parts of Melbourne are home to some of the finest, thick and indulgent hot Kopi.

Turkish Coffee

Renowned for their crunchy, creamy chickpea bake, Moroccan Soup Bar also serves a traditional Turkish coffee with their banquet menu. Defined by its peculiar preparation of finely grounded beans, Turkish coffee is simmered before serving. Adjust and add sugar to taste, and enjoy it with a range of Moroccan Soup Bar’s chomp-able desserts. 

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