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What You’ll Be Eating At This Year’s Night Noodle Markets

By Ben Tyers
22nd Oct 2019

The Night Noodle Markets will be returning to Birrarung Marr in Melbourne this November, and, as always at this time of the year, you’re probably wondering what the amazing food stalls will be serving up.

Kicking off on Thursday 7 November, the Night Noodle Markets will bring together more than 20 food trucks and vendors featuring favourites such as Mr Miyagi, POKLOL, Dainty Sichuan, Hoy Pinoy, Gelato Messina, and many more.

Here’s what they’ll be serving up:

  • Mr Miyagi | Two types of  Mr. M’s Saucy Noodz. The ‘Miyagi Fried Chicken’ with popcorn chicken pieces, ramen noodles, creamy spicy Japanese mayo, edamame, golden fried shallots, and the ‘Mushroom Sesame Smash’, truffled soy and sake braised mushrooms, ramen noodles, sesame dressing, edamame, chilli. Both topped with tomato tempura crumble served in an edible waffle basket.
  • Hoy Pinoy | Will serve up grilled pork belly ‘Inihaw na Baboy’, ‘Lechon’ boneless Hoy Pinoy style pig roasted over charcoal served on steamed rice & Sawsawan and barbecued chicken skewers ‘Inihaw na Manok’.
  • Pinchy’s | Will be bringing their affordable luxe-seafood to the markets with their ‘Maine to Melbourne’, mouth-watering Maine red lobster on fresh, crunchy rolls, wasabi prawn rolls, truffle fries, and creamy crab croquettes.
  • Tokosan | Will serve up tempura fish tacos with Asahi beer-battered fish, slaw and avocado wasabi mayo, and ‘Ramen Spag Bol’ with mince, eggplant, teriyaki, miso and spring onion.
  • POKLOL x Puffle | will be offering their mouth-watering Korean BBQ Tacos, Chi Chi Fries, KFC Puffle, Cheeseburger Puffle and their new Ultimate Puffle.
  • Dainty Sichuan | Will spice things up with their Sichuan cold noodles and fried crispy chicken balls.
  • Gelato Messina | Will wow the crowds yet again with their new tropical Thai-inspired range including their ‘Eye of the Thai-ger’ - condensed milk pudding, condensed milk crumble, lychee and sala shaved ice, lychee gelato, rainbow jellies; ‘Bangkok Banana’ - Thai milk tea cheesecake sandwiched between tea sponge and dipped in Italian meringue and sprinkled with desiccated coconut; ‘Phuket Bucket’—deep-fried banana fritters, caramelised palm sugar banana gelato, coconut and lime Chantilly, peanut crumble; ‘Coco Phangan’—Mango sorbet served on coconut sticky rice with salted coconut sauce and toasted coconut flakes.

There will be plenty more vendors with amazing food on offer, keep an eye on the Night Noodle Markets website for further updates.

The Details

What: Night Noodle Markets
When: Thursday 7 November to Sunday 24 November
Where: Birrarung Marr
For more information, click here.

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