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Everything You Need To Know About The Rising Trend In Non-Surgical Procedures

By Sophie Oddo
30th Jan 2017

Reaping the benefits of anti-ageing treatments without having to go under the knife has proven to be a game changer, with Australians spending over one billion dollars a year on cosmetic treatments. 

Whether it’s anti-wrinkle injections, laser resurfacing or other non-surgical procedures, it seems as though almost everyone is stepping up their beauty routine with a little extra, something-something. So, to help us dissect this rapidly growing trend within the beauty industry, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Dr Lanzer to get all the lowdown on all things non-surgical.

Laser Resurfacing

Whether you’re looking to slow down the clock or tackle acne scarring and pigmentation, Laser Resurfacing might just be the answer. Commonly used to treat the face, hands and chest areas, your surgeon will typically tailor the type of laser used to your skin type and treatment areas. The purpose of laser resurfacing is to give that old collagen a kick up the butt, resulting in a more natural, glowing outcome. Choose from an ablative laser for quicker results or a non-ablative laser for a slower, gentler treatment. And the best bit? Besides a bit of post-treatment redness, this process is typically pain-free with minimal side effects. Winning. 

Cool Sculpting

Prepare to chill out—literally—with this innovative treatment designed to tackle that stubborn, pesky fat head-on. Using devices like a CoolShape Fat Freezing machine, this treatment will target fat cells underneath the skin by triggering a process of natural removal which gradually shrinks the fat layer. You’ll usually need three sessions, each four weeks apart, to begin to see results. The hour-long sessions will each tackle a single area, and you can expect very little discomfort as the targeted area tends to turn numb after a few minutes. We suggest plugging in your favourite podcast and taking an hour of you-time to chill out.    


Cryotherapy is the coolest kid on the wellness block, so cool that you'll want to introduce it to your wellness routine. Hailed as the ritual to make all wellness wishes come true, Cryotherapy boasts an impressive list of health and wellness benefits. Helping with everything from muscle tension to metabolism, it has fast become the treatment of choice for sports people, celebs and health buffs alike. 

While the thought of these freezing temperatures may send shivers down a Cryo newbies’ spine, rest assured the process itself is fun, pain-free and carried out in the warmest of environments. After gearing up, you’ll settle into a spaceship-like Cryotherapy chamber where cool air will swirl around you, as the real-time thermometer shows the temperature dropping steadily.

Laser Hair Removal

Summer is here and that means one thing, it’s time to get our skin swimsuit-ready. Say sayonara to gross razors or painful waxes because there’s no turning back after you try the magic that is laser hair removal. We’re obsessed with this one because it not only removes hair but prevents it from growing back. Now that’s what we call a double-win. Again, a laser will be selected to suit your skin tone, and between eight to ten sessions will be needed to ensure the treatment is effective. Ready to sport those smooth legs? Consider booking in your consultation today.   


Without getting too complicated, dermal fillers are a gel-based substance that is injected into the skin to contour the face, add volume and reduce wrinkles and lines. Lasting anywhere from six to 24 months, dermal fillers can be used in many different ways to obtain a range of results. Whether it’s to plump lips, sharpen jawlines, chisel cheekbones, fill wrinkles, remove scarring and even straighten noses, there’s not much fillers can’t do. Like most needles, dermal fillers will sting upon injection, but are generally painless and most importantly, non-invasive. But don’t worry, if you’re not into needles you’ll be glad to know that a local anaesthetic can be used depending on where you’re receiving the injections. Not only that, the road to recovery is breezy with procedures resulting in minor bruising and swelling. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular.

Whether you’re keen to ride the wave or not, it’s easy to see why so many are choosing to undergo non-invasive procedures to combat anti-ageing and increase self confidence. For more information on all things non-surgical, head to Dr Lanzer for a free consultation.

 Dr Lanzer always recommends getting a second opinion before having a cosmetic treatment or surgery.

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