One Hot Yoga | Where Summer Springs Eternal

By Emma Bangay
29th Jul 2013

Last week, I stepped into a dream. Little did I know that tucked beneath the soaring shadow of The Como Centre and a stones-throw from the icy Yarra River, a looming glass gateway into all things summer, wellness, vitality and vigour would beckon.

I'd arrived at One Hot Yoga, the city's classiest hot yoga oasis, where a contemporary and chic space puts a most-welcome modern spin on an ancient practice. This evolution makes for a hot, heady experience, complete with cool tunes piping throughout, and one hot, hip crowd in attendance.

One of the only architect designed studios in the world, One Hot Yoga is the brainchild of architect Rob Mills and his yogi wife, Lucinda, and the love that this clever couple have put into this new studio is evident. Polished concrete floors kiss the corners of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and heavy linen curtains drape beside milky shag-pile rugs.
But whilst the entrance and change rooms may be chill, the studio upstairs means serious business.

Colour coordinated mats of the highest quality are provided and lined symmetrically along the length of the near-full 37 degree studio, maintaining the clean lines and uncluttered aspect that make One Hot Yoga so stupidly great.

Once I was en-mat and not-quite-rubbing shoulders with practitioners that ranged from Beginners to Seriously Bendy, the online pre-booking system finally made sense, ensuring that no class was overcrowded.

Having experienced years of Bikram and over a decade of synergistic yoga, I didn't expect to be pushed hard enough in only one hour of Hot Yoga. How challenging could something so chic actually be?

Well, I soon found out during the 60-minute class, where the cultural practice of yoga was blended in equal measure with deep, challenging stretches and strengthening poses.
Sweat beaded, heart rate rose, limits were pushed, endorphin buzz ensued. But the constant, subtle tunes piping through the studio and the steady heat (the only studio in Australia that has adopted a low-energy panel heating system to keep carbon print low and heat even) kept this experience light and uplifting.

One Hot Yoga proved to be anything but a mirage. It was the hour of heat and healing this cold, icy bod needed. And as each class is slightly different, I have been challenged on each visit since.

So even if you don't believe in fairytales and magic worlds behind closed doors, with a two week pass for only $25, aren't you just a little tempted to step inside?

Where: One Hot Yoga | 36 River Street in South Yarra
Contact: 0409 103 674

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Image Credit: One Hot Yoga

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