We’ve Tracked Down A Reuben Pie, And It’s In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
9th Jun 2017


In the past the humble suburban milk bar has only been a destination for buying things you need right now, you’ve just run out of milk/toilet paper/chocolate and you need a quick top up.

Well in the past 12 months we’ve seen a shift, the milk bar is cool again, and if you’re not aware of the pies that Murray’s Food Store in Prahran is pumping out already—it’s time to get yourself acquainted.

We’ve already introduced you to their Mac & Cheese pie, along with their Cheeseburger pie, but the Rueben pie is a genuine game changer.

The man in charge—Jeremy—tells us “Our take on the classic Reuben means we’ve found the perfect pie filling: meaty, cheesy, full of flavour and served hot!” and that’s just how we like it.

The team has taken particular interest in making sure the pastrami is as good as it can be “The pastrami we use comes from Challenger Smallgoods in Sydney. Eli—originally from Canada—has a passion and unique knowledge for smallgoods which translates into a distinct flavour and point of difference. You’ll know what I mean once you try it. Eli’s products are sourced locally, are ethically-farmed and smoked and spiced to perfection so we’re huge fans.”

Recently a group of New Yorkers descended upon Murray’s and couldn’t believe how good the pastrami was, we recommend getting in there to try the Reuben pie asap.

Get all the details on Murray’s Food Store right here.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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