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Sound Of Silence | The Comedy Trend You Have To Try

By James Shackell
1st Apr 2017

You’ve heard of silent discos, right? A bunch of people wearing dorky headphones, dancing like nobody’s watching to music only their souls can hear? Well Silent Comedy is pretty much the same thing. Just replace music with sarcastic gags and zinging one-liners.

Welcome to the cutting edge of the comedy scene: 30 people sitting outside at The Arbory, laughing their asses off in total silence, while puzzled commuters and passing Metro police wonder what the hell’s going on. Here’s how it works: the performer’s mic is hooked up to luminous blue headphones on your noggin’ (via Bluetooth–classy) which makes everyone look a little like they’re being mind-controlled by an ominous force. They say jokes, and you laugh at them. Simple.

After selling out at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Silent Comedy is back for its second year running. There’ll be a rotating list of A-Grade talent, including Jimoen, Dave Hughs, Bob Franklin and Mandy Nolan. The best of the lot though might be Simon Taylor, a Melbourne comic with Big Future written all over him.

Tickets are $25 bucks. That gets you four comics, a beer from The Arbory bar and about 15 confused glances from passers-by. Bargain.

When: 7:30pm on March 29 and April 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 & 19
Where: The Arbory, Southbank
For more info, and to book tickets, click here.

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Image credit: The Arbory

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