The Verdict | Shinbashi

A rowdy “Irasshaimase!” is not what you expect to hear on a rainy night on Lygon St. Usually it’s “Any garlic bread… Read More +

The Verdict | Hibiki

“Hibiki actually means ‘echo’,” says owner Reiji Honour. “Which is weird, because the acoustics in here are… Read More +

Three’s A Trend | Fancy Ramen Comes To Melbourne

You may have noticed, but ramen is kinda having a moment right now. Seriously, you can’t escape its soupy, noodly grasp, no… Read More +

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Melbourne’s Best Japanese Restaurants

It's a very Melbourne thing to say stuff like 'This is the best Japanese I've had outside Tokyo'. But the truth is,… Read More +

The Verdict | IPPUDO

It starts as soon as you enter the restaurant. Dozens of waiters turn and chorus “Irasshaimase!” in a rolling sonic wave. Even… Read More +

You Can Now Play Dangerous Sushi Roulette In Melbourne

It's danger and sushi in one delicious spinning wheel of mayhem. Meet the new dining concept from tasty Japanese joint Yokocho in the… Read More +

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