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Feast Your Eyes: The Trailer For Sinner Season 2 Has Dropped
By James Shackell - 18 Sep 2018

Thank you, sweet Netflix gods. We’ve been waiting for this thing since March. Even though the US received its second dose of The… Read More +

TV & Movies
The Astor Is Running Another Harry Potter Marathon Session Very Soon
By Sophie Hodges - 11 Sep 2018

Expecto Patronum. Got your attention? Good. Can you remember that time The Astor theatre blessed us with a slightly-crazy,… Read More +

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All The Docos You Need To Watch In September
By James Shackell - 06 Sep 2018

We know, we know, there’s some great new action flicks on Netflix this month. But leave The Mummy and Kickass on hold for two… Read More +

TV & Movies
Everything You Need To Binge Watch This September
By Allira Sher - 04 Sep 2018

Another month, another few weeks of sitting on the couch eating TeeVee Snacks right out of the box. And we’ve got some ripper… Read More +

TV & Movies
The True Detective Season 3 Trailer Just Dropped And We’re Keen
By James Shackell - 27 Aug 2018

Try to control your hype levels. Drink a green tea and pop on Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 or something because the new True Detective… Read More +

TV & Movies
12 Of The Best LGBT+ Films You Can Find Online
By Allira Sher - 15 Aug 2018

LGBT+ films and documentaries don't arrive in the cinemas as often as they should (to be fair, film festivals like MIFF and MGFF do… Read More +

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