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50 Things To Do In Melbourne When The Weather Is Crap

By Ben Tyers
4th May 2018


We've all been there, you've planned a great day outdoors in Melbourne but Melbourne's gone and done it again—it's started pouring with rain.

So, you're going to need to find some things to do when it's raining in Melbourne, and the list below is exactly what you're after. We've put together a ton of indoor activities for you to do in Melbourne when the heavens have opened above the world's most liveable city.

Grab your puffer jacket, pull out that beanie, and check out our things to do in Melbourne when it's raining.

  1. Catch a butterfly at Melbourne Zoo’s Butterfly House.
  2. Take a dip at the pool named after our dear former PM Harold Holt who disappeared in the bay.
  3. Catch a local jazz act at Bird's Basement in the CBD. 
  4. Build a very excellent fort in your lounge room. The forts you made as a child will pale in comparison to the kind of fort you can now build as an adult. Use your knowledge of modern architecture to make it structurally sound, you could even consider living in it long term.
  5. Watch a classic flick with an obligatory glass of wine at the Astor Theatre in St Kilda. 
  6. Sip on a seriously good brew at Temple Brewing Company in Brunswick East.
  7. Or grab a pint from any of Melbourne's other great breweries.
  8. Come face to face with stingrays and sharks at Melbourne Aquarium. Think about how you could quite easily punch a shark if it tried to eat your legs.
  9. Why eat a burger out of a paper bag on your commute when you could book a three-course meal on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.
  10. Go to NGV, just go there, just do it. There's always something amazing on, plus you'll feel like you're a bit cultured for once.
  11. And while you're in the area stop by ACMI as well, and check out one of the awesome exhibitions.
  12. Head to a cafe or restaurant with a fireplace, treat this list as your bible.
  13. Lie in bed and binge watch Netflix, maybe even pop some popcorn, hey?
  14. Hit up some board games and drinks at Queen Of Spades.
  15. Or curl up with a book and some board games at Willows & Wine. The fireplace is fake, but the charm is real. 
  16. Smash down a famous 'Jackie O' burger at Fat Bob's Bar And Grill in Moorabbin.
  17. Catch a blockbuster film on the giant, 3D screen at IMAX Melbourne.
  18. Expand your mind to scientific proportions, gaze at the Planetarium's starry sky, or just put your head on your plate of food at Scienceworks.
  19. Suck down an alcoholic milkshake or five at Grand Trailer Park Taverna in the CBD.
  20. Take a trip to the Bendigo Art Gallery for a glimpse at a truly stunning art space.
  21. Work those arms and legs with a good rock climbing session, check out this list for all of the indoor rock climbing walls you need to know about.
  22. Throw axes at a wall and get that anger out of your block at Maniax.
  23. Go retro and rollerskate/blade your way around the Caribbean Rollerama, there'll be some killer tunes to assist you.
  24. Learn some new skills and book into a class at WorkShop Melbourne.
  25. Lock yourself up in one of Melbourne's many escape rooms, check out the best of them here.
  26. Bake a cake/cupcakes/cookies and eat them all by yourself. You could also have a crack at one of our recipes here.
  27. Be educated by the brilliant minds at the Immigration Museum.
  28. Sweat bullets and rejuvenate the soul at Bikram Hot Yoga in Fitzroy.
  29. Book a holiday to somewhere that it isn't raining. Anywhere but Melbourne. Get some travel inspo here.
  30. Eat the famous Nutella Burger from Nuts About Tella. You only live once.
  31. Visit the Melbourne Museum and get some more culture flowing through the veins.
  32. Burn off that Nutella Burger with a trip to Melbourne's nightclub spin studio—Bodhi & Ride.
  33. Stare out the window longingly listening to Dido, thinking of what might have been.
  34. Get stuck into Melbourne's best vegan roast at A Fan's Notes.
  35. Clean out your wardrobe—go on, do it. What else are you going to do?
  36. Enjoy some peace and quiet at the State Library, or do some study you pesky little procrastinator. They've got chess in the dome room now, too. 
  37. Grab a paper, a coffee and sit by the window at a CBD cafe to people watch to your heart's content. Journal is good when it's cold. 
  38. Jump onto Youtube and get stuck down a rabbit hole.
  39. Nothing beats a bowl of ramen on a cold day, and IPPUDO does one of the best bowls in Melbourne.
  40. Bowl a strike and eat the mac & three cheese burger at Kingpin.
  41. Celebrate the wonderful and unpredictable world of books, writing and ideas, by attending a literary event at the Wheeler Centre.
  42. Over-indulge at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. Oh yep, the samples are FREE.
  43. Check out Melbourne's dog-friendly bars and restaurants so your pooch doesn't have to fend for themselves outside.
  44. Shop up a storm and spend all that money you don't have at Chadstone.
  45. Join the free-jumping revolution and bounce over to Bounce Melbourne.
  46. Feel your troubles float away in a floatation tank at Beyond Rest.
  47. Have a 'Crazy for Swayze' party where you watch every Patrick Swayze movie back-to-back. NOTE: Must watch Dirty Dancing twice.
  48. Explore some of Melbourne's best second-hand bookstores. 
  49. Hit up any of Melbourne's great op shops and bag yourself an absolute bargain on something you totally don't need.
  50. Take a nap. But don't tell anyone about your midday nap lest ye be judged.

Don't like spending money? Here's a bunch of free things to do in Melbourne right now.

Image credit: Queen Of Spades | Griffin Simm

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