Two Minutes With Hayley Roper | Love My Body

By Iro Kotsimbos
5th Nov 2013

Hayley Roper is one of those people who just leaves you in awe. Director and owner of Love My Body, a ladies only fitness business that runs boot camps and health retreats in Victoria, interstate and overseas, Hayley is not only incredibly business savvy, but also the owner of one of THE MOST AMAZING sets of abs we've ever seen. 

With 14 years experience across fitness and nutrition, Hayley can be trusted to whip you into shape and feeling damn good about yourself. We took two minutes to chat all things fitness with Hayley, plus she filled us in on her favourite Melbourne haunts.

TUL: Tell us more about your boot camps and retreats?

At Love My Body we empower women to look and feel their best through the practise of good nutrition, the right training for our bodies and the right headspace. 

We run female only boot camps all around Melbourne, which are tailored with an eating plan and nutrition coaching. These girls-only boot camp courses are a perfect mix of cardiovascular and resistance training to tone and shape your body and lose body fat. They cater for all ages and fitness levels and are the ideal solution for females looking to get fit in a motivated and fun environment. 

Love My Body also specialises in health retreats, which are run by me. LMB runs six retreats per year in Bali, Byron Bay and out of Melbourne. Our health retreats are either six or seven days long and our mini retreats are three days long – you will leave feeling amazing! We focus on raw food, green food, lots of training and physical challenges, sunshine, massages, reading, thinking and healing.

TUL: Top tips for getting in shape for summer?

A Love My Body boot camp, of course! They involve six weeks of training properly and following a super clean eating plan. These courses are fool proof for anyone wanting to feel good in a bikini.

TUL: Fave spot to pick up workout gear?

I love Tully Lou active wear. Stylish and comfortable.

TUL: Fave spot to work out?

Depends on the type of session but for cardio I head outdoors to Elwood Beach or Como Park in South Yarra (this park has a great big staircase). For strength training, I love Boutique Health Club in Elsternwick as it is private, fun and everyone is on the same page.

TUL: Best way to spend $50 in Melbourne?

You can get a pedicure and manicure at heaps of places around Melbourne for less than $50. A great way to have some down time and be pampered for an hour. 

TUL: Best way to spend $500 in Melbourne? 

Aurora Spa Retreat in St Kilda for an afternoon of massages and facials with the girls.

TUL: Fave spot for a coffee?

Combi Coffee in Elwood – they offer organic coffee with a wide choice of milks. My preference is almond milk…YUM!

TUL: Fave spot for Sunday brunch? And fave brunch meal?

Cornerstone & Co, on Ludstone Street in Hampton – awesome café with the best food and staff. My favourite brunch is poached egg, spinach and goats feta on multi-grain bread (one piece, no butter!).

TUL: Favourite drinking hole?

Adam (behind Eve bar). Great music, private booths and always a fun night!

TUL: Favourite healthy eating spots around Melbourne?

Glo Health in Elsternwick.

Hunky Dory's fish and chip shop for grilled fish and salad.

Foxes Den for amazing salads.

Vegie Bar on Brunswick Street – they have the most amazing vegetarian dishes!

TUL: Latest Melbourne discovery?

Cornerstone & Co café (75 Ludstone Street in Hampton). I love any café with a good vibe where I can just feel relaxed. The fact that they have great food is just a bonus.

TUL: An old favourite?

Just send me to Chapel Street for some shopping! I love shopping. If I am ever feeling unmotivated, some retail therapy can sort me out in an instant. Spending money on clothing also keeps me on track with my training and healthy eating too, because I think what is the point in spending money on nice clothes if you are not going to look amazing in them!

TUL: Favourite health & beauty destinations in Melbourne?

Beauty – Clinica-Lase in Carlton and Organika Hair salons.

Health – Glo Health in Elsternwick. You can literally have a feed, see a naturopath and get all your vitamins, and do your food shopping all under the one roof, knowing that you are putting all the right stuff into your body. 

TUL: Fave city other than Melbourne?

New York – so much to see and do. I can literally just walk the streets for the whole day on my own and not get bored. New York also has a great energy about it.

TUL: Last trip?

I got back from Byron Bay less than a week ago. I go to Byron Bay 2-3 times per year on my own to chill out, surf, run, and just do my own thing. Byron Bay is probably one of my favourite places. I always know when I need to go there and I always come back feeling centred and healthy.

TUL: Next trip will be to?

Byron Bay again – I'm heading there in January to run a Love My Body health retreat. Our health retreats in Byron Bay are awesome with just girls training and eating organic raw food. I rent a luxury house with a pool and we get massages and so forth. I love these retreats! 

TUL: Favourite spot for a fancy dinner?

I don't go out for dinners much as I am quite a fussy eater but I do love Ichi Ni Izakaya in St Kilda.

TUL: What would be your last meal?

Hmm…probably a Thai curry on coconut rice. And I love coconut ice-cream. I love anything coconut! 

Image Credit: Love My Body.

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