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Two Minutes With Teisha Lowry | Queen Coco

By Emma Bangay
22nd Oct 2013

Teisha Lowry is the brains and beauty behind Queen Coco, the new pulse point of organic living and metabolic typing. Did I mention she is also drop-dead gorgeous and crushingly charming? To make matters better (for us at least), she has a huge passion for health and beauty. Here she takes two minutes to chat with The Urban List about her 'Eat, Pray, Launch' moment preceding her organic body care, fragrance and virgin coconut oil range – Indah – her esplanade exercise and eating haunts, and the best sugar free, vegan Snickers. Ever.  

TUL: Before there was Queen Coco, there was Indah. Tell us about it.
INDAH was born in Bali in 2008; I discovered it when I accidently bumped into a healer who taught me so much more about using pure plant oils to help feed and balance my mind and body. The body care and perfume products are beautiful and some are 100% certified organic. My philosophy is to respect and work harmoniously with humanity and the environment and that is evident in the brand and products.

TUL: Tell us about Queen Coco?
Queen Coco is based on the foundation of Metabolic Typing, organic living and vibrant detox programs which are ideal for correcting all types of digestive problems and therefore can assist with weight loss, increased vitality and energy, and a more youthful appearance and natural glow. I've been using these cleanses for years with the help and guidance of my health practitioner/fiancé Darren Cox.

TUL: What do you love about working in and basing yourself out of Melbourne?
I live bayside, so each morning I take advantage of living by the beach with a run or walk. I love how nice my little village is. We are such a tight knit community.

TUL: Why do you think Melbournites are so receptive to cleanses and clean living?
We live a very hectic lifestyle in Melbourne – we all work really hard to make a living – but we want quality and balance and we're not afraid to demand it. We now have so much variety that we don't have to go far to eat clean, as most areas have weekend farmers' markets, healthy cafes and urban retreats, juice bars, yoga and fitness studios, and even the local Woollies now stock grass fed free-range meats and organic produce!

TUL note: Interested in healthy living? Don't miss our Beginner's Guide to Paleo – it's full of places to stock up on organic, ethically sourced food and produce.

TUL: What health tips do you have for spring and summer?
My biggest tip for cleansing and staying truly healthy is Metabolic Typing, which is the method used for determining the correct mix of nutrients that is specific or unique to you at a cellular level. If you're not getting the right nutrients, then your cells are not able to function properly. The impact of this poor function then flows through the entire body and can end up manifesting into forms of chronic degenerative diseases, illnesses, depression, fatigue, allergies and much more. Once you've fine-tuned your nutrients, you can then start seriously purifying and cleansing the body using traditional techniques which Queen Coco has modernised.
TUL: Favourite health stores in Melbourne?
See Mike and the team at Prahran Health Foods.

TUL: Favourite breakfast in Melbourne?
Monk Bodhi Dharma in East St Kilda, tucked in behind Carlisle Street. They have the best burrito – gluten free and vegan.

TUL: Favourite beauty hub in Melbourne?
Nicole's Body Boutique in Camberwell – she specialises in tanning, waxing and professional make-up.

TUL: Best running / cycling / walking track in Melbourne?
The Esplanade from Elwood to Port Melbourne.

TUL: Best pilates in Melbourne?
My personal instructor, Mel Ling, is my glute guru at CorPilates.

TUL: Best way to spend $50 in Melbourne?
Take the day off and head down to the Peninsula Hot Springs

TUL: Best ways to spend $500 in Melbourne?
Invest in your health with an online e-coaching series to guide you through the fundamentals of your Metabolic Typing journey. Stock up on organic, free range, grass fed meats and gourmet foods at Cannings Free Range Butchers, then head down to the the Queen Vic Markets for fresh fruit and vegetables, invest in a slow cooker (under $100) and buy my e-book, The Beautiful Way. And there you have it, your own allowable food list, with all of your organic produce to cook up a storm from farm to plate and with a few good recipes from me. $500 well spent!

TUL: Biggest naughty Melbourne indulgence?
Monk Bodhi Dharma's gluten free, sugar free, vegan version of Snickers. AMAZING!

TUL: Favourite Melbourne Label?
I love supporting homegrown talent such as Melissa Boys for pretty kaftans and accessories, Kisskill Lingerie, Tully Lou yoga gear and Estelle Dévé jewellery.

TUL: Favourite Melbourne Restaurant?
Bamboo and Lily on Ormond Road in Elwood for modern Thai, Yong Green Food at 421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and Maedaya Sake & Grill for great Japanese on Bridge Road, Richmond.

TUL: Latest Melbourne discovery?
Although it's just around the corner from me and I drive past it daily, I finally walked up the garden path and rediscovered Rippon Lea Estate. I've only ever been there for photo shoots and I've never really willingly been in there. However, it's just amazing, so much history and the gardens are beautiful, especially this time of the year.

TUL: Favourite Melbourne coffee?
Penny and Anthony's Combi Coffee on Ormond Road in Elwood. They have ethically sourced, certified organic coffee, fresh organic juices and superfoods galore and the coolest vibe in the woods. I love them A LOT!

TUL: Favourite Melbourne suburb/street and why?
Elwood is seriously the coolest little 'burb in the bayside area. I've been living here for the last five years and it's all because of the people. 

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