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PSA: You Can Now Get Vegemite Popcorn In Melbourne

By Allira Sher
2nd Jul 2018

That’s right, guys. You can now add vegemite popcorn to your ever-growing things-that-go-with-vegemite list (other noxious experiments include Vegemite smoothies and Vegemite icy-poles). 

As of Monday 2 July, our favourite Aussie spread is teaming up with Village Cinemas to bring you Vegemite and cheese popcorn (OMG). Salty, yeasty, controversial. The popcorn will be exclusive to Village and available for purchase at the candy bar under brands: Chef’s Gourmet and Parlour Lane.

Marketing Manager at Vegemite, Matt Gray, was thrilled to jump on board with the scrumptious combo. “Vegemite loves popping up in new and exciting places. We can’t wait to spread the love with a popcorn that truly tastes like Australia,” he said. “The combination tastes delicious and we’re excited for our fans to try it”.

Village seems keen too. “Popcorn remains the number one movie snack for our customers, and we alongside our partners are delighted to be able to offer such innovation with our gourmet popcorn flavour range in partnership with Vegemite,” said the GM of Marketing. 

We don’t think there’s ever been a better excuse to go to the movies, tbh. These guys just took mum’s old-school vegemite and cheese sandwiches to a whole other level. You better get in quick, though. This deliciously cheesey, vegemitey popcorn is available for a limited time only.

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Image credit: Charles Deluvio

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