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By Sophia McMeekin
10th Oct 2014

Long weekends mean short weeks, and short weeks mean it's beer o'clock sooner than expected. Before you hit the bar, hit this list of our favourite trash from around the web this week.

Folks who've seen Gone Girl are in two separate camps: those who managed to catch a glimpse of Baffleck's peen, and those who did not. If you're yet to see the movie and want to ensure you don't miss the main event, here's Vulture's guide to spotting the prize dick.

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SRSLY: Could he be more cute?

This video that shows the exact moment Jennifer Garner fell in love with Ben Affleck is kind of adorbs and makes us want to stab her out of a jealous rage slightly less (we know your lips aren't real, Garner. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY).

After holding the world in its sugar-coated grip for well on two years, the top-secret cronut recipe has finally been released to the public, aaaand it's too hard to actually make. Back to the bakery, kids!

It's something we've always felt, but always been too scared to utter out loud for fear of being stabbed with a stiletto heel by surrounding females. Here's the definitive list of reasons Carrie Bradshaw is kind of a dick.

Who to follow: Fuck yeah, it's a Murder She Wrote Tumbler.

More fun for dated TV show geeks, these are the best Josh and Donna moments on The West Wing. Could they be any cuter? No, they could not.

Could you survive a day worshipping at the altar of Oprah? One brave journo finds out.

Feast your eyes on this: IT'S A CAKE MADE OUT OF PIZZA.

And in breaking home-making news, The Gwyneth vs Martha battle has escalated to out-and-out cattiness. We're a few snips away from public hair pulling. THIS IS AWESOME.

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