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What Time Is It? | Thirsty Camel’s Beer O’Clock Project

By Ella Stening
6th Nov 2013

Unimpressed with the current chicken show that #auspol seems to dish on a daily basis? Well, Melbournites and Sydney Slickers now have the chance to put their poll booth privileges to the test and participate in Thirsty Camel's 'real election of 2013'.

The Beer O'Clock Project calls for you, yes you humble froth sipper, to determine once and for all what time Beer O'Clock should actually be. Does the craving for a frosty cap peak after work during 5:30pm traffic? Does it start as early as lunchtime when you'd rather be washing down a sushi roll with a fresh IPA? Free from judgement and for the sake of the Australian way of life, have your say about what the real Beer O'Clock should be so we can all celebrate with a glass chink and scull.

The polls are now open on the Thirsty Camel Facebook page, but get in quick as you only have until November 10th to vote. Simply by having your say, you'll also have the chance to instantly win a share of a $40,000 prize pool of beer. Think of how many slabs that gets you! Cheers - we'll drink to that!

Thirsty Camel Beer O'Clock Project | Competiton closes November 10th

Image Credit: Jack and Friends.

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