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Are These The Best Waxing Specialists in Melbourne?
By Sophie Colvin - 10 Oct 2016

There are a few things we all accept about waxing: It’s not a luxury. It’s not like getting your nails done, and it’s… Read More +

5 Of The Best Melbourne Salons For Hair Contouring
By Anna Franklyn - 29 Sep 2016

Hair Contouring is having a moment and we can understand why. A colour service that makes our face look amazeballs with no effort on our… Read More +

Melbourne’s Top 6 Express Beauty Treatments
By Sophie Colvin - 26 Sep 2016

We live such a crazy, fast paced life that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference, like a mani in your lunch… Read More +

5 Beauty Products To Pack When You’re Travelling Light
By Naomi Hatton - 15 Feb 2017

Luggage weight limits would have to be one of the more annoying things you come across while travelling. Sure, it’s not ideal that the… Read More +

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Skin Angel
Armadale, VIC

A spanking new skin and laser clinic has opened up in Armadale, so get ready to get… Read More +

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Waxed | Windsor
Windsor, VIC

I think I can safely say that waxing doesn’t fall into anyone’s favourite… Read More +

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Sogo Hair
Fitzroy, VIC

One of Fitzroy's most long-standing hair salons, Sogo Hair is our go-to for… Read More +

We’ve Tracked Down Some Skincare Secrets You Need To Know
By Kate Morris - 26 Jan 2017

The largest organ our body has is our skin, so it makes sense that you be mad keen on looking after it. Your skin is constantly growing and… Read More +

8 Of The Best Tips To Nail Beautiful Skin This Summer
By Tessa Gallagher - 22 Dec 2016

Ah summer, you fickle friend. We love you for your many hours of sunshine which gives us an excuse to live at the beach and drink way too… Read More +

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Melbourne, VIC

If you're after a generic style haircut that every second A-lister and basic… Read More +

Beauty Junkie Lust List | The 2017 Edit
By Jessica Pridmore - 22 Dec 2016

As a self-confessed beauty junkie, my makeup bag is probably (read: definitely) more valuable than my car.… Read More +


If you’re anything like us, you’re relishing in the new wave of on demand… Read More +

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Bossman Barbers
Ringwood East, VIC

This badass barber shop has brought all the things we love about inner city… Read More +

How To: Pack Light When You’re A Beauty Junkie
By Rachel Stevenson - 21 Dec 2016

Picture this: You're packing for your upcoming holiday. Obviously you've included two types of highlighter (one for day and one for… Read More +

Humidity Hair Hacks For This Summer
By Ange Law - 21 Dec 2016

Oh summer, you fickle little beast, you. Just as you start showing your pretty little face and get us all excited for warm beach days, you… Read More +

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