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Are These The Best Waxing Specialists in Melbourne?
By Sophie Colvin - 10 Oct 2016

There are a few things we all accept about waxing: It’s not a luxury. It’s not like getting your nails done, and it’s… Read More +

5 Of The Best Melbourne Salons For Hair Contouring
By Anna Franklyn - 29 Sep 2016

Hair Contouring is having a moment and we can understand why. A colour service that makes our face look amazeballs with no effort on our… Read More +

Melbourne’s Top 6 Express Beauty Treatments
By Sophie Colvin - 26 Sep 2016

We live such a crazy, fast paced life that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference, like a mani in your lunch… Read More +

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Sogo Hair
Fitzroy, VIC

One of Fitzroy's most long-standing hair salons, Sogo Hair is our go-to for… Read More +

How To: Pack Light When You’re A Beauty Junkie
By Rachel Stevenson - 21 Dec 2016

Picture this: You're packing for your upcoming holiday. Obviously you've included two types of highlighter (one for day and one for… Read More +

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Waxed | Windsor
Windsor, VIC

I think I can safely say that waxing doesn’t fall into anyone’s favourite… Read More +

Humidity Hair Hacks For This Summer
By Ange Law - 21 Dec 2016

Oh summer, you fickle little beast, you. Just as you start showing your pretty little face and get us all excited for warm beach days, you… Read More +

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Melbourne, VIC

If you're after a generic style haircut that every second A-lister and basic… Read More +

Beauty Dummy | We Road Test Hollywood’s Cult Hair Brand
By Jessica Pridmore - 24 Nov 2016

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, as soon as a new product hits the market it’s in my hands the very next day. No one needs more… Read More +

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Bossman Barbers
Ringwood East, VIC

This badass barber shop has brought all the things we love about inner city… Read More +

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Skin Angel
Armadale, VIC

A spanking new skin and laser clinic has opened up in Armadale, so get ready to get… Read More +

9 Of The Best Sunscreens Just In Time For Summer
By Bree Nowland - 18 Nov 2016

It’s definitely no secret that here at The Urban List we are counting down to summer. Bronzed limbs and our Sunday afternoons spent at… Read More +

8 Of The Best Beauty Buys When You’re On A Budget
By Bree Nowland - 10 Nov 2016

There a few things we love more than a shiny new lipstick but there are also few things we love less than having to transfer between savings… Read More +

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If you’re anything like us, you’re relishing in the new wave of on demand… Read More +

Beauty Dummy | What Even Is A Beauty Blender?
By Aimee Bricker - 09 Nov 2016

The first time I told a friend of mine that I bought a Beauty Blender, they were genuinely confused as to why on earth I spent $30 on a… Read More +

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