30 Thoughts You Have EVERY Monday Morning (besides FML)
By Mikaela Burnett - 09 Apr 2018

Monday morning is about as delightful as a UTI. It stings, it burns, and it shows up after a few days of treating your liver like a filter… Read More +

Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead
By Gen Phelan - 09 Apr 2018

The best thing about our horoscopes is their 100% legitimacy. In fact, we’re now deploying TUL writers to observatories in mountainous… Read More +

20 Things You’ll Understand If You’re The Only One Not Engaged In Your Group
By Anna May - 07 Apr 2018

Diamonds are forever. Or, at least Instagram photos of diamonds are forever. That’s the reality of the one friend that hasn’t… Read More +

Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead
By James Shackell - 02 Apr 2018

Well, we survived Easter. Now the big question: how many hot cross buns is too many? The stars can’t help you put down that giant… Read More +

8 Adorable Pets That Aren’t Cats Or Dogs
By Bella Ramdhanie - 28 Mar 2018

Are you a cat person or a dog person? It’s the question that tears us all down the middle and makes us revaluate who we are as a… Read More +

TV & Movies
‘Queer Eye’ Season Two Is About To Drop On Netflix
By Jessica Best - 27 Mar 2018

Uh stop errythang, the (new) Fab Five are coming back to good ol’ Netflix and oh thank God.  This seriously feel-good re-do of… Read More +

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