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10 Daily Swaps To Make You Adult Like A Boss
By Rachel Lay - 29 Sep 2017

Don’t get us started on adulting, please. We’ve already had to quash those expectations our eight year old self had for 23 year… Read More +

Brighton Baths Health Club
Brighton, VIC

Finally—a gym that offers both indoor and outdoor training. Rain, hail or… Read More +

Upwell Health Collective
Camberwell, VIC

If you take a peek into the future of health care, you’ll probably see… Read More +

Collingwood, VIC

Today's world definitely has better access to celebrity gossip, cheese and… Read More +

These Next-Level Treatments Are Making Waves In Melbourne’s Wellness Scene
By Ellen Seah - 26 Sep 2017

If there’s one thing Melburnians are experts at: it’s pampering ourselves. As fully certified adults, we love a life filled with… Read More +

Gymmy Squatz
South Yarra, VIC

All hail the humble squat – the exercise responsible for 90% of peach… Read More +

The Richmond Gym
Richmond , VIC

Richmond seems to be dotted with thousands of backstreet industrial gyms (must be all… Read More +

Universal Practice | Fitzroy
Fitzroy, VIC

Need to get inspired to get moving? Well Universal Practice are here to show you the… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Rock Climbing Walls
By Ellen Seah - 19 Sep 2017

If you have a particular fondness for solid ground, rock climbing probably isn’t for you. Credited for strengthening and toning muscle… Read More +

Be A Bloody Legend | Donate Blood And Save A Life
By Anna Franklyn - 05 Sep 2017

You'd be right to say that here at The Urban List we like to have fun and we don't take ourselves too seriously. But there are a few… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Personal Trainers
By Ellen Seah - 21 Aug 2017

There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure to get you through a workout. By that logic, when you face off with the best personal… Read More +

Everywhere To Do Hot Yoga In Melbourne Before Winter Ends
By Millie Lester - 14 Aug 2017

Nothing says it’s time for 37-degree surprisingly difficult flexible body moves in a state-of-the-art warehouse studio like a… Read More +

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