Dig Deep With These 9 Spotify Workout Playlists

As part of Urban List Music Month we're focussing on the incredible influence music has in our day-to-day. Aside from… Read More +

Good Vibes Yoga | Collingwood
Collingwood, Vic

If you can’t find your zen here, you probably can’t find it anywhere.… Read More +


Gone are the days of trying to get through a workout without being asked what your… Read More +

Harold Holt Swim Centre’s Iconic Diving Tower Is Set To Reopen

The irony that a public pool is named after a sitting Prime Minister that disappeared, feared drowned, is not lost on any Melburnian. The… Read More +

My Mama Said
Seddon , VIC

My Mama Said is a bit like what would happen if someone went out and built a fitness… Read More +

Collingwood, VIC

With sophisticated designs created to the highest quality using fabric suppliers from… Read More +

The New Nike Free Could Help You Become The Runner You Always Wanted To Be

The Nike Free is nothing new in the running shoe world. In the early 2000s, Nike noticed that some of the best runners weren't always… Read More +

Bodhi & Ride | South Yarra
South Yarra, VIC

Offering unique, fun and immersive ride classes designed to not only challenge you… Read More +

Upstate Studios | Balaclava
Balaclava, Victoria

It’s no lie that the demands of everyday life are becoming increasingly… Read More +

Health & Beauty
A Massive Wellness Festival Is Happening In Melbourne This Month

Breathe in, breathe out—if you’ve been skimping on your “I’m going to stop gobbling takeaway like a human rubbish… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Test Run | We Tried 2019’s Top 3 Wellness Trends

Let's face it—there is no denying the benefits of regular exercise and the rush of post-workout endorphins. But when the… Read More +

Get Your Stretch On At Melbourne’s Best Yoga Studios

Melbourne yoga studios have stepped up their game over the years. It used to be you just needed some #namaste and Enya on the boombox. But… Read More +

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