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Hair & Beauty
Where To Get Best Haircuts In Melbourne Under $55

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to change up that haircut with a new summer look. Worst-case scenario, you can… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Bat Your Lash
Prahran, VIC

Stepping away from the traditional, clinical salon interiors, Bat Your Lash feels… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Facials

There are many strains that mundane life place upon individuals, and it’s no secret that these really don’t help when… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
The Bearded Man | Fitzroy
Fitzroy, VIC

Sitting in the hair chair can be draining. That’s where The Bearded Man steps… Read More +

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This Hair Salon Is Serving Up Two-For-One Luxury Blowouts This Month

If you’re due for a little self care and indulgence, we’ve found just the thing. Luppinos is Brisbane’s first-ever luxury… Read More +

Style & Design
Melbourne, Victoria

Located in the heart of the city on Collins Street is MetaScent perfume studio and… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Hermiz Salon
Richmond, VIC

Richmond has just acquired one of Melbourne’s most in-demand hair salons, and… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
5 Of Melbourne’s Best Sustainable Beauty Salons

If you’re keen to beautify a little, but don’t want to hurt the environment, we’ve got you covered. Melbourne has a… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Where To Get The Best Spray Tan In Melbourne

If there is one topic I feel a level of expertise writing about, it’s spray tans. Taking after my Irish ancestors, I’m basically… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Carlton, VIC

Escape from your hair nightmares with Carlton's newest, highly Instagrammable… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Cristal Hair
Elwood, VIC

A tall lady with pink lips and a red headscarf greets her customers at the door with… Read More +

Art & Design
9 Of Melbourne’s Best Tattoo Studios To Get Inked At

Tattoos aren’t just for bikers and hipsters anymore. And with tattoo studios now almost as common as fish ‘n’ chip shops,… Read More +

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