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Gymmy Squatz
South Yarra, VIC

All hail the humble squat – the exercise responsible for 90% of peach… Read More +

Port Melbourne , VIC

Tried F45? HIT classes making you want to cry? Just about ready to throw your drink… Read More +

The Gen Y Guide To Getting Healthy Without Trying
By Rachel Lay - 17 Jan 2018

After spending Christmas waxing lyrical about “new year new me” while stuffing our faces with Lindt ball after Lindt ball,… Read More +

Glen Iris , VIC

Now that we’re all grown up (for the most part), we’re all looking for… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Walks
By Alice Joyce - 15 Dec 2017

Walking is our kind of vibe. It gets you moving, gets your heart rate up, and we've got some seriously stunning routes at our disposal.… Read More +

The Richmond Gym
Richmond , VIC

Richmond seems to be dotted with thousands of backstreet industrial gyms (must be all… Read More +

All The Free Exercise Classes In Melbourne This Summer
By Millie Lester - 20 Nov 2017

Bikini season is basically here which means it’s getting hot and heavy in the exercise department, quite literally (looking at you,… Read More +

Universal Practice | Fitzroy
Fitzroy, VIC

Need to get inspired to get moving? Well Universal Practice are here to show you the… Read More +

How To Make Activewear Acceptable For (Almost) Any Occasion
By Katie Stow - 10 Nov 2017

Seriously, is there anyone these days who isn’t constantly crazy busy? Between work, life admin, socialising, exercise and everything… Read More +

S3 Barre
Melbourne, VIC

Foodies who hate fitness: this is one workout you’re actually going to enjoy.… Read More +

The New Activewear Piece You Need For Summer According To Your Star Sign
By Ellen Seah - 02 Nov 2017

Star signs are bloody great, because there’s nothing like making sweeping, completely unsCiENtifiCAlLy-backed statements about 7.6… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Rock Climbing Walls
By Ellen Seah - 19 Sep 2017

If you have a particular fondness for solid ground, rock climbing probably isn’t for you. Credited for strengthening and toning muscle… Read More +

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