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Hair & Beauty
Glass Skin | WTF Is It And How Do We Actually Get it?

Hold on to your face masks, kids! Just when you thought we’d reached peak beauty obsession levels, along comes another skincare ritual… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
$250 Moisturiser—Is It Worth It?

Ah, the age-old question: how much can I spend on skin care without people judging me? First of all, you do you. Second of all, we’re… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
There’s Another Epic Beauty Festival Going Down In Melbourne This Weekend

Melbourne, you lucky devils, there’s another epic beauty festival headed your way this May and you’re going to squee with… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Beauty Dummy | What Even Is A Beauty Blender?

The first time I told a friend of mine that I bought a Beauty Blender, they were genuinely confused as to why on earth I spent $30 on a… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
MAC | South Yarra
South Yarra, VIC

MAC are the leaders when it comes to bold colours and boisterous makeup choices.… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
The Best New Must-Have Beauty Products

There are a couple of new beauty items that have caught our sharp little mascara-coated eyes at The Urban List recently – and you know… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
9 Beauty Trends You’ll Be Rocking In 2018

ICMYI, 2017 is over. If you’re anything like us (and we have a feeling you are), you’re still just on the hunt for your perfect… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Missy Lui
Armadale, VIC

Missy Lui in Armadale is our go-to for some of the best nail art in Melbourne. Their… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Melbourne’s Best Freelance Makeup Artists

Lacquers, lippies, potions and powders are just a few of our favourite things. A little more bronzer here, a little more gloss there,… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Drop Everything: Lush Just Dropped A Bunch Of New Fragrances!

Purveyors of soaps, bath bombs, and that sleepy-time lotion that became a viral sensation, Lush are in the business of pretty things… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Beauty Dummy | We Try Baking

Today I baked my face. It didn’t involve an oven and the end result wasn’t cupcakes nor cookies, but rather a flawless… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Over-Achievers Glossier Release Another New Product And, Spoiler, Of Course It’s Great

Someone tell the team over at Glossier HQ to take the rest of 2018 off; you’ve done enough. With not one, now two new product… Read More +

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