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Announcing the January winners of The Ultimate Legend and Win Of The Month below.

It's a tie!


this month's

Ultimate Legends


Clem Robin

Digital Marketing Manager

Clem's bringing milk to the office skills are completely off the charts. That and he's also super helpful when it comes to any digital issue.

Always stocking the milk and playing the tunes in the Melbourne office - it's the small things that make our day!

Great work on hosting TULtraining this week! Got a lot out of it.

Thanks for picking up milk for the office, Clem! What would we do without team & coffee!!

Clare Acheson

Senior Account Manager

Having Clare in the office is such a treat - getting to listen to her handle client phone calls like a total boss is something I'm seriously thankful for. Her forward thinking is also a total joy. Plus, who else take extra time to enjoy the city they're visiting beyond just the event they're here for?!

I wanted to tick all 7 values as Clare really demonstrates these always, in all ways. I wanted to thank Clare for her wizardry on both managing the Hoegaarden client and for being the most connected person in the room during the GC event - and she's never even been to the GC before!!! Clare is a superstar. Pure and simple. Seriously impressed with her commitment, dedication and all round fabulousness. I think the client said it best when he said 'Clare, you bloody legend'.

For working tirelessly to wrangle the trickiest of clients (and handling phone calls like a total boss)

For turning one of our most challenging campaigns around and delivering a seriously happy client! (And some BEAUTIFUL venues!)



this month's



Sarah Lynch with Squealing Pig

A 65k campaign by our amazing NZ Sales guru who has hit the ground running from her first day!

A big shout out also to all of the other legends involved in the win: Jade, Marilynn, Leni and Tash.




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