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Announcing the March winner of The Ultimate Legend below!


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Rachel Lay

Digital Content Producer

Giving a hand on campaigns that aren't even hers!

The quiet achiever, Rach's standard of work is beyond amazing, as is her work ethic. AND she does it all with a positive attitude and sense of humour. Killing it! x

Rach is just an absolute workhorse. While she might be inundated with everything campaign, she always has time for a chat about dogs.

Always making time for coming up with awesome, results driven content ideas.

Always pushing herself to the next level, enjoys being challenged and sees the value in it.


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Ultimate Legend Votes


Althea is always upbeat and positive, being super nice on the phone but never failing to excel at her job and get that money in! Go Althea!


Ange Law

She literally makes my day, every day.



Anna always has so many great contributions in our Friday TULnado. A real team player with the freshest ideas that side of the border.



Annika just amazes me with how much she cares and delivers when it comes to campaign ideas. Such an asset to the whole team.



For being an absolute boss leading sydney's team meeting (and also for answering the phone in the sydney office errrrrytime).



His love of Bachie is just the best, getting the Badgey story up within seconds of finding out it was confirmed was impressive.


Ben Wills

Kitchen attendance when it wasn't his week. Thanks Ben!



Brooke is always positive, supportive and brings her A-GAME!



For always taking on feedback and learning from it. It isn't easy getting your head around everything when you start at TUL and Caity is really killing it!



Biggest team player in the entire company! ALWAYS offers to help out no matter how busy she is.



Chris is by far the most accomplished singer in the Melbourne office. He can hold a tune with the best of them, and I look forward to his stage debut.



Being the ultimate boss in meetings - cool, calm, collected and so well-spoken. Truly inspirational.



Not only does the man from Aotearoa keep the office stocked with milk like a god damn champion, he also is quite good at the digital marketing caper. Which is ideal because that's his job.


Dan Harris

Professional attitude even at times under pressure.



Dani is my left and right hand at the moment. She was pivotal to us hiring two intern guns and also was very confident with her interactions and was more than happy to lead the conversation when needed. She will make a fine Account Director in the future for sure!!



Killing it girl! Great results as always.



For pulling off the epic IWD Lunch! Such a great time Frankie x.



His dedication is next level. I came into the office at 9pm and he was STILL working... #dedication



Jade is TUL personified. Such a hard worker, she always fronts up to work bringing her best and smashing out killer campaigns time and time again.



JThe man from the mean streets of Malvern brings the hustle each and every day in Melbourne. It's actually not possible to compute how he manages to churn out so many articles with how many minutes there are in a day.



For caring so much about TUL. Always appreciate Jess' insights and passion!



Its always hard to get that first sale.. you keep trying hard and its now starting to pay off! Keep on keeping on Lauren, you are getting there!



Always willing to try to think of the best ways to get the best results!



For taking charge of the beast that is TUL Training! Not sure if people realise how much work goes into this each week but Marilynn does it with no complaints and still manages to smash all things Auckland out of the park!



Tash, your are always questioning and help everyone across the business. Keep it up Tash.



Tilly took a brief from start to finish in Ree's absence and WON! She broke down the brief, looped in strategy, worked with editorial on angles, completed a margin calc, put it into an IO AND put it all into a stunning looking deck that read so well and so easily. Not only did the client sign on...they signed on for a upweight that Tilly designed!



For keeping that B&A TULegraph packed full of good content that our clients love to read. The feedback every month is top notch!



For stepping up and helping a sister out in need, always and with a smile (well, assuming behind the computer screen, haha).



Prue you challenge and question everything, this is fantastic, its the only way to effect change that helps the teams and the business.



Ree makes such an impact. It is especially seen when she goes on annual leave for a month and on her returns just smashes out new Campaigns. Amazing commitment and dedication!



Sami is always so personable, she makes everyone feel like they're the most important person in the room. Such an awesome trait to have in our business!


Sarah Law

Sarah is such a hard worker and produces amazing work! She never complains when client's pushback - she just GETS.IT.DONE. You're amazing Sarah - I don't know what we would do without you!!


Sarah Lynch

Sarah you are amazing! You are reaching goals and exceeding them. You have made such a change to the New Zealand team and TUL in general. Keep it up, I love seeing your achievements in Dollars!



Shannon is the dream AM. She's so positive, solutions focused and nothing is too hard an ask.



For being such a powerful content ally. Love all of your ideas!



Soph was an absolute gun in our meeting with Airbnb this morning. I learnt so much just from sitting in the room with her, legend!



Sandra always brings the hustle when it comes to ops, completely dominating the field of operations inside TUL. She also has a vendetta against Chris which I approve of.


Sophie B

Soph is absolutely chockers with clients but she never lets it get her down. Does such a great job.



Even MORE on her plate than usual. Forever leading by example, like the BOSS she is.



For consistently supporting the sales team and their transition through change. Its a wild ride at times but you keep cool and play fair.



Tess is ALWAYS positive, upbeat AND super supportive. It's ALWAYS a great experience working with Tess. Her energy is EPIC!


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