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10 Stories You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Month

By Marilynn McLachlan
31st Jul 2016

The Bachelorettes: Where Are They Now?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already seven months through the year and we have just ONE more month of winter left! And, while we know that you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages and bookmarking our site, we understand that life can get pretty bloody hectic and you may have missed a story or two.

So, we’ve looked back over the month and made a pick of our top 10 stories (in no particular order) that you may have missed and really shouldn’t have.

#1 65 Cafes You Should Have Had Breakfast At

Aucklanders just love breakfast and with many of our diverse breakfasting needs catered for by so many cafes, we came up with this epic list of 65 cafes you should have had breakfast at.

#2 Things That Happen When We Move To New Zealand

Our most-read story this month was one from an ex-pat Brit, who made some very accurate observations about what happens when you move to New Zealand. Turns out quite a few agreed with her! This inspired another ex-pat Brit to write his own list about the 30 questions you’ll ask when you move to New Zealand.

#3 Auckland’s Most Badass Cakes

Yep, like most Aucklanders, we here at The Urban List wage constant battle with our sweet tooths and, when you’ve got super-talented people making the most EPIC cakes ever, it’s hard to turn away from them. To tempt you (and us) even more, here’s our round-up of Auckland’s most badass cakes.

#4 The Bachelorettes

Our readers couldn’t get enough of our Bachelor content each week when it was screening. This month, our writer Natasha (who thought she was forever over the series) began to wonder just what they were all up to now that the show was well and truly done and dusted. She did a bit of investigating and came up with a list of what the bachelorettes are up to now. Awesome.

#5 The Best Chinese Food In Auckland

We’re on the hunt to find out who makes the best Chinese food in Auckland so we’re calling on you to get in and VOTE!

#6 50 Of Auckland’s Guiltiest Pleasures

We know we’re meant to be perfect but sometimes we can’t help but listen to that little voice in our heads that tells us to spend a little bit more, eat a little bit more or otherwise indulge in things we know we probably shouldn’t. Here are 50 of Auckland’s guiltiest pleasures.

#7 The 42 Stages Of Getting Up On A Winter’s Morning

We were complaining about the heat, now it’s the cold! We get that it can be pretty damn hard facing the chill in the morning and so we created a list of the 42 stages of getting up on a winter’s morning.

#8 30 Steps To Becoming A True Jafa

One of those not born and bred in Auckland people and not sure if you’re ever going to be able to call yourself a Jafa? Never fear, we’ve come up with a handy dandy list of the 30 steps to take to become a true Jafa.

#9 The New Opening Auckland Has Been Waiting For

What happens when you bring one of Auckland’s top chefs, his yoga instructing wife, beauty specialists and an epic waterfront venue together? This—it was the talk of the City of Sails this July. 

#10 27 Things To Do In Auckland For $1

Ummm…did someone say a dollar? Yup, we did. If you’re not flash on your cash, then this list is for you. We came up with a list of 27 things to do in Auckland for $1. You’re welcome. 

Image credit: TV3

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