10 Things That Happen When You Visit Ponsonby

By Martha Brooke
14th Jul 2016

10 Things That Happen When You Visit Ponsonby

Home of the fashion elite, in-the-know foodies and dignified dog lovers, Ponsonby holds a special place in Aucklander’s hearts. For those of us who don’t actually live there, we can’t help ourselves from visiting on the reg, and everyone knows why. We do it. Often. And every time we do, things happen…and we’re guessing they do to you too. Here are ten things that happen when you visit our fave ’burb. 

#1. You’ll start to believe that you have stumbled into the world’s largest dog show: Ponsonby Road is heaving with our favourite four-legged friends. Pugs, Frenchie’s or tiny clouds of white fluff on legs, you can’t go five minutes without meeting a new furry companion. It would be rude not to pretend to tie your shoelace when one approaches. Cue casual petting technique and squeezing of puppy. This is miraculously—and amazingly—the norm and we love it!

#2. You'll contemplate going into overdraft in your bank account in order to fund your dire shopping need: The likes of Ruby, Juliette Hogan and Kate Sylvester grace Ponsonby Road, and that’s just for starters. Prepare to marvel in the wonders of the boutique collections, ogle at the on-point window displays and reach for your purse. Yep, you won’t be able to resist. How many colours does this come in?

#3. You'll realise that you may never get to sit proudly with a glass of champers out front at SPQR: It’s 12:30pm and all the seats out front at SPQR are full and occupied with Auckland’s finest. It’s not unusual that they have only been open for 30 whole minutes and already the tables are crammed and boasting decadent platters of anti-pasti and nibbles. Maybe we’ll camp overnight.

#4. Boom! You’ll think you’ve been flown in to walk the runway at Fashion Week: It’s no surprise that Ponsonby is the mecca for the fashion astute. Everywhere you turn there is someone nonchalantly showcasing next season’s trend or owning it with their own effortless, killer style. All you can do is gaze in admiration and hey, you’re in the right place to get a kickass outfit, so what are you waiting for!

#5. You'll secretly wish they did fairy dresses in your size at The Fairy Shop.

#6. You'll wish that Ponsonby Central was your home: Boasting an array of restaurants and cafes, having its own produce market, butcher, baker and winery and hosting ever-changing pop up stores; why would you want to leave?! All we’re gonna say is: ice-cream cookie sandwich from The Dairy and pork belly buns from The Blue Breeze Inn and you’re perfectly set. Prepare to undo a belt hole or two.

#7. You realise what cool really is: It won’t be a surprise to spot the gang from Two Hands Tattoo taking a break outside of the parlour. Donning their impressive array of flash tattoos and inkings, these guys are the cool kids that everyone wants to be friends with.

#8. If you want to go to The Longroom, you’re gonna have to wait: Every Friday and Saturday night there is a line to get in and we know why. It has a large, open courtyard that’s sprinkled with fairy lights, an impressive drinks menu and a space to throw some shapes. It’s the perfect place to kick back and dance the weekend away.

#9. You won’t be able to decide where to eat: You’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s the classic argument, back and forth; ‘What do you want?’ ‘It’s not that simple’ ‘What do you want?!’ People rejoice! Forget the fights and settling for second best. Ponsonby Road has your back. Prepare to be tantalised and teased by the smells and sights, the array of Instagrammable dishes and pure tastiness of everything on offer.

#10. You’ll have to stop yourself from wandering into the estate agents. 

Lucky residents of Ponsonby, we envy you!

Image credit: Chapel 

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