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12 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

By Georgia Jayne Young
18th Dec 2017

12 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Summer is officially here and that means the holidays are just around corner and we could not be more excited about the long days at the beach, the summary BBQ’s with friends and of course the festive foooooood! It’s safe to say that we have all had at least one ‘blow-out’ over the holiday season before because basically who can resist the scorched almonds, Christmas mince tarts, custard and pudding, pavlova....okay, you get the point, the list goes on! If you’re wanting to reduce the post-holiday damage this year though, we advise following (at least a few) of our tips to stay healthy during the silly season—and don’t worry, you can still have your pav and eat it too.

Ditch The All-Or-Nothing Mindset 

It’s so easy to think “I’ve already ruined my diet for today so I may as well continue the splurge now” but that is definitely not the way to get through the holiday season. You’re going to enjoy treats here and there but don’t let this get out of control. This goes for exercise too. Think you only have time for a 20-minute walk so it’s not even worth it? You’re wrong! 20 minutes is better than nothing so get that A into G and go walk!


Just a little reminder—you have the same hours in a day as Beyonce and we’re pretty sure she is still making time to work out in the holidays. When something becomes a priority for you it’s super easy to get it done. One great way to implement this into your life is to workout first thing in the morning, get it out of the way before the day has even started and you won’t have to think about it again.


Yes, it’s called the silly season for a reason and we definitely aren’t here to tell you can’t have a drink on NYE/Christmas/any day you damn well please but making sure you stay hydrated (H2O, guys) is super important to avoid those nasty hangovers that are going to totally throw your fitness plans and health goals out the window. Try having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink—you’ll thank us in the morning. 

Make The Most Of The Summer Weather

You don’t have to slave away in the gym on a stunning day—it’s summer so make the most of it! Incorporate exercise into your day by going for walks and swims at the beach, have a game of beach volleyball or even get the cricket bat out for a friendly game with the fam, it’s actually very fun and a surprisingly good workout. 

Try High Intensity Interval Training  

Pressed for time between all of your holiday social engagements? Try HIIT for a quick and effective workout. Basically you train at a high intensity for short bursts of time followed by short rest intervals and repeat until you are exhausted. The positive is you can get a really, really good workout in a really short amount of time. The negative is you may want to die that entire time. 

Keep Your Goals At The Forefront Of Your Mind

When you have your goals in sight it’s easy (well, easier) to stay motivated. Put pen to paper and get real with what your goals actually are. If you can’t actually say them out loud then you probably aren’t going to achieve them, just sayin’. Maybe it’s to not gain any weight over the holiday season, or maybe it’s to be active in some way each and every day. Remind yourself of these goals daily. 

Eat Before Heading Out

Do not make the fatal mistake of fasting or skipping meals before going to a party/event/BBQ. You will end up starved and will devour everything in sight and, let’s be honest, there’s gonna be a lot of not-so-healthy options that are going to look oh-so-good when you haven’t eaten for the last six hours. Have a balanced meal containing protein, carbs and good fats before you head out to make sure you don’t go cray over those summer platters.

Get A Training Partner

Find a friend (preferably someone who isn’t going to be out of town the entire holidays) to be your training partner. Whether you commit to a few walks together a week or a few classes at the gym, having a buddy is a great way to stay accountable. 

Make A Routine

A routine can make or break whether you stay on track during the holidays or not. If you get into a good routine of getting active in the morning followed by a nutritious smoothie packed with a load of nourishing ingredients, at least if you indulge a little later in the day you have had one really healthy meal and moved that body.

Take A Healthy Plate

Heading to a festive party or BBQ and you just know that there will be nothing healthy on offer? If you are bringing a plate this is the perfect opportunity to make sure that there is at least one healthy option for you. Make a beautiful salad, a healthy platter or some nourishing bliss balls to take along. You know what they say, “fail to plan, plan to fail!”

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