13 Ways To Psych Yourself Up Before Exercising

By Grace Noles
20th Nov 2017

Dreaming of feeling fit and healthy but find the reality damn daunting? Stay in the warm comfort of bed or embrace the morning chill and get moving? It’s a tough choice…but you know and we know that it’ll be good for you.

So, if, like us you need a little (read: a LOT) of psyching yourself up to exercise, here are 13 handy dandy tips to get you mo-ti-va-ted. You can do it!

  1. Listen to music that you love: Stock up your playlist, chuck on your headphones, crank the volume and head out the door for the ultimate way to psych yourself up pre-gym sesh.
  2. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine: Blend up an ice coffee at home or grab a takeaway latte from your local for that mega important energy kick to carry you through your workout.
  3. This is one of our favourite tips: EAT! You’re not going to be at your best if you’re running on an empty stomach! Have a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of almonds for some essential fats and carb-loading. Yum!
  4. Prepare your workout: There’s nothing worse than looking around the gym not knowing what to do next. Plan your workout before hand so you know exactly what you’ll be doing and how long you’ll be there.
  5. On top of that, plan a FUN workout: Screw the burpees, incorporate all your favourite exercises so you actually enjoy your workout instead of dreading it
  6. Warm up: Take a quick stroll, or do some light stretching to get the blood pumping and get your body ready to kick your workout’s ass.
  7. Set a goal: Whether it’s beating your personal best running speed, or doing 5 more reps than last week, a clear goal is sure to get you motivated to smash it!
  8. Take a scroll through the ol’ gram for some #fitspo-insp:! Here are some of our fave fit Kiwis that get us working for that summer bod’!
  9. Get socialising: Everything is more fun with a friend and the gym is no exception. Catch ups and a killer workout? It’s a win-win. You and your gym buddy are going to be #GOALS!
  10.  Treat yourself to some new gears and you’ll be dying to head to the gym to show them off: You’ll look good and feel even better.
  11.  Plan an epic post-workout meal to look forward to: Whether it’s a protein smoothie bowl, extra-lush salad (we’re talking ones with bacon, feta, croutons…), or an overdue cheat meal, it’ll get you amped to start exercising ASAP!
  12. Snap a selfie: Nothing gets you more excited than seeing some progress!! Finally!!! Take a quick mirror pic and head out the door thinking about how different you’ll be looking in a little while!
  13. Skip the gym: Wait, no really. If you’re just truly not the gym-bunny you once aspired to be before you realised you just hate the gym sooo SO much… Don’t worry because there are plenty of fun ways to get moving!

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