15 Reasons Why The Shore Vs City Battle Rages On

By Olivia Atkinson
3rd Jul 2016

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We’re adults here at The Urban List. Our disputes are fleeting and rare, and often laid to rest with civilised chat that leaves both parties enlightened and humbled by the other’s perfectly valid and intelligent opinions. But there’s one disagreement that continues to clash: North Shore vs Auckland City.

The moment postcodes get thrown into the mix everything turns into a dirty shit fight. Having lived on both sides of the bridge, I was called upon as an impartial party to rifle through the annals of this turf conflict and I can tell you that what we’ve got is an unwinnable war.

Here are some totally legit (ahem…) reasons why the North Shore vs city battle rages on.

  1. Thanks to Dominion Road’s dumpling strip, Balmoral remains the best Asian precinct in Auckland.
  2. The biggest rugby events take place at Eden Park…on the city side of the bridge.
  3. …and whenever Coldplay, Ed Sheeran or T-Swizzle come to town they always hit up Vector Arena or Mt Smart.
  4. Auckland vs North Harbour aka. Battle of the Bridge. That rugby battle wouldn’t be as entertaining without decades worth of north/city contention fuelling the hate fire. 
  5. Because the North Shore has the best beaches and the city is totes jelly.
  6. And shore folk are jealous that south of the bridge is closer to the airport.
  7. Non-shore lads still throw around the “Shore girl, sure thing” line and it grinds the Shore boy’s gears.
  8. Holiday traffic wars: City peeps are better situated to win en route to the Coro, but North Shorers get a sainted head start for trips to Matakana and Omaha.
  9. The city side of the bridge have the monopoly of arts and culture courtesy of Auckland Art Gallery, Te Uru in Titirangi and the Museum.
  10. Northie’s have a deeper connection with nature that city slickers can only dream of.
  11. West Auckland is, still, a little bit too bogan for the northern gents and ladies. Yes, even with the redevelopment. Yes, it is, don’t argue.
  12. Because for North Shorers, the bridge can make the city feel like another continent.
  13. Waterfront dining? City-siders will take you to Wynyard, St Heliers and Mission Bay.
  14. But in saying that, Takapuna’s rep for weekend beach walks and brunch will never fade.
  15. North Shore vs Auckland city is like a friendly sibling rivalry. We squabble and fight but when it comes down to it, we think we’re both alright. 

At the end of the day, we’re all JAFAs. Here are 45 Things That Are So Auckland It Hurts.

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