20 Auckland-Only Pick-Up Lines

By Natasha Van Der Laan
30th Jun 2016

20 Auckland-Only Pick-Up Lines

There are some things that we’re proud (?) to say are totes Auckland—and of course, that has to resonate strongly in your feeble attempts to pick up a Aucklander, right? So we thought we’d put together 20 Auckland-specific pick-up lines that would only work in our wonderfully weather-troubled, food-adoring city.

Please note: We will not be responsible for any physical or emotional repercussions due to an attempt to apply these IRL on a Friday night.

#1 “I would cancel my reservation at The French Cafe for you.”

#2 “You’re harder to get around than Gillies Ave in peak hour.”

#3 “You’re better than a steamed bun from The Blue Breeze Inn.”

#4 “I’d stay away from the Longroom if you were mine.”

#5 “Want to wear matching buns in our hair?”

#6 “Is that a doughnut in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?”

#7 “I have a table available at Depot in 10 minutes. Want to join me for dinner?”

#8 “If you were mine, I would bring you Giapo ice cream all night, every night.”

#9 “Let’s get Vietnamese from Café Hanoi because I’m falling pho you.”

#10 “I get compliments for my man braids. Like, a lot.” 

#11 “You put the bacon in brunch.”

#12 “I’d give up my vegan, diary-free, sugar-free and gluten-free diet for you.”

#13 “Are you a Cereal Killa freakshake? Because I want you in my mouth.”

#14 “I would sit in rush-hour traffic for you.”

#15 “Your activewear would look nice on my bedroom floor.”

#16 “Rose are red. Violets are blue. Rent’s expensive. I bought nothing for you.”

#17 “Let’s get brunch. I’ll even shout you that $5 guacamole.”

#18 “I’d save my last New Flavour dumpling for you.”

#19 “Cancel your Les Mills membership. My bed’s a gym and you’re free to join.”  

#20 And the ultimate Auckland pick-up line (drum-roll, please)… “Are you from The Shore? Because you look like a shore thing.”

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Image credit: Crazy Stupid Love

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