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21 Hair Hacks Every Chick Should Know

By Olivia Atkinson
24th Aug 2017

Remember the blissful school days when you’d wake up before the sun to wash, dry and style your hair to salon-worthy fabulousness? Yeah, well, adulthood is now a thing and literally ain’t nobody got time for that. As busy, badass women, we’re lucky if we get five minutes to play around with our locks in the morning. Heck, if we’re not rocking a top-knot everyday of the week, we’re doing well.

To help you with your quest for consistently luscious locks, we’ve found some time-friendly, budget-friendly hair hacks. From simple pillow changes to brushing techniques that will change your mane forever, here are 21 hair hacks every woman needs to know.

  1. First up, you’ve been wearing bobby pins the wrong way. Turn that pin upside down (wavy side down, that is) and start living your life the way it's meant to be.
  2. Hair hygiene 101: soak your brushes in warm water with a bit of shampoo to get rid of any gunk.
  3. Had it with them cheeky flyaways? Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and comb them into cooperation.
  4. Brush your hair before washing it. It releases any unwanted oils and prevents shower-induced tangles.
  5. And, for the love of your poor locks, don’t brush your hair when it’s freshly shampooed and wet! If you take a brush to your clean, damp hair, split ends are going to happen. Rule of thumb? Wet hair = weak hair.
  6. Bonus tip, sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one to reduce hair breakage. Rolling around at night will cause friction and your hair to fray.
  7. If you’re sick of a sad-looking pony, try the classic double ponytail hack. Section the hair above your ears (as if you’re doing a half down, half up look), tie it into a pony and backcomb it for extra volume. Then gather the bottom section of hair and tie it. Let the top pony fall over the bottom and voila! You’ll instantly have a longer, fuller ponytail.
  8. Say goodbye to post-shower frizz with a microfibre towel. Water causes the hair follicles to expand and create that dreaded frizziness, so you want to get rid of excess moisture as quickly as possible—microfibre is great for that. Gently press your hair with the towel (don’t rub or else frizz will ensue!) and then pop it into a tidy wrap.
  9. For long-lasting colour, wait at least 72 hours after an appointment until you wash it. You need to wait until the cuticles are fully closed and for the colour to soak in or else you may watch some of your fresh and fabulous colour to disappear down the drain.
  10. No time to curl your hair? Separate your locks into four to eight braids (depending on how thick your hair is) and run the straightener over them. Let the braids free and say hello to natural-looking waves.
  11. Lusting for longer locks? Give vitamins a crack. B vitamins and vitamin D are winners.
  12. Avoid rinsing with hot water. It’s probably the culprit behind your colour not lasting.
  13. Dry shampoo is everything. EVERYTHING! Not only can it be used on days when you CBF to wash your hair, it’s great for adding volume. Pro tip: if you find yourself out of dry shampoo, give a sprinkling of corn powder a go.
  14. Battling with your otherwise beautiful curls? Brush from ends to roots, not roots to ends with a wide tooth comb. It’s easier to get the knots out that way.
  15. Three words: coconut oil mask. Your hair will thank you for it.
  16. If you’re one of those ladies who goes hard on the hair products, try an apple cider vinegar rinse. It will get rid of nasty build up from the products and leave your hair (and head) squeaky clean.
  17. Fake blondies, if you’re not already using purple products, hop to it!
  18. Hate to break it to you, but your tap water might be breaking your locks. Chlorine, sulphur and other nasty sediments are often found in water, which can dry out your hair and skin. Filtered shower heads work wonders at stopping bacteria passing through, resulting in softer, shinier hair.
  19. Sweaty, post-gym hair can be a nightmare. The best solution? Chuck it into a loose side braid and dry shampoo the roots. Or if your hair is too short to braid, style it with a funky hair wrap/scarf.
  20. If you’re the owner of fine, thin hair, try mixing up your parting from time to time. It tends to flatten out if you wear it the same way err’day.
  21. Miss your natural, beachy waves of summer? Get amongst salt spray.

Image Credit: There's Something About Mary

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