21 Things You’ll Understand If You’re From The North Shore

By Sharleen Shergill
24th Mar 2017

Shore people gather around. It’s time to get #relateable.

From brilliant beaches to cute café’s we have it all, but some things are just hard to ignore.

After all, it’s a Shore thing (ayyy…wink wink).

  1. Every time you tell city-siders where you live they give you that look (yeah, you know the one) followed by comments such as “that’s so far”.
  2. People think you’re rich af and live in a mansion. Reality check, that’s only the people in Taka, Milford and Albany (oh wait, that is most of the Shore—oops).
  3. You’re categorised as a “Shore Girl” aka basic girl who wears stripe tops, blue jeans and white converse.  
  4. All the high school kids can be found hanging out at those Taka clubs just so they can have their photo show up on everyone’s Facebook feed with the slogan “It’s a shore thing” in the corner…wow, you’re so badass.   
  5. Your school uniform includes a JanSport AND Country Road bag, a puffer jacket (as if Auckland is Antarctica), a Macbook (not actual textbooks), an iPhone and black leather converse shoes.
  6. None of your non-Shore friends come to visit, so you’re the one who always has to drive to them…eye roll.
  7. There’s a million-dollar playground right in your backyard at Taka beach. Chances are you’ve played on it and been told off by a parent of some random kid.
  8. All roads may lead to Rome but only one road leads to Devonport and it’s torture getting out.
  9. The low-key silent battle between Westlake vs Rosmini vs Carmel vs Rangi vs Kristin continues. Even the parents get in on it.
  10. You have to catch the Northern Express bus into the city, which is a next level struggle cos you end up standing most of the time, even though they’re double decker.
  11. Your weekend is not complete without visiting Albany Mall and running into someone from school.
  12. If you don’t play sports, then who even are you?  
  13. Your ‘gram posts are not complete without #shorelife.
  14. Post-gym grocery shop turns into another gym session when you turn up in your active gear picking up more things than you came for.
  15. You can’t go to Milford without bumping into some old people.  
  16. You catch the ferry into the city just so you can say you’ve travelled all the way from overseas.
  17. It’s best to avoid driving into uni or work in the morning and driving home in the evening cos you’ll just be sitting on the bridge jamming out to your music but actually getting nowhere.  
  18. No date is complete without heading to Takapuna beach.   
  19. People get their driver license fast af and drive their parent’s posh cars to school.
  20. There are more dogs on beaches than actual human beings. 
  21. Every time you tell someone you can’t catch a train they seem shocked—THAT’S COS TRAINS CAN’T GO OVER WATER PEOPLE!

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