22 Things Only People With A Long Distance BFF Understand

By Anna May
3rd Mar 2018

long distance bff

Put your hand up if you miss your best friend. They might be in another country, another city, or just in another room and you’re too lazy to peel your behind of the couch to get to them. I feel ya.

It’s an underappreciated thing, the long-distance BFF. There are plenty of support networks for people with boyfriends or girlfriends that are far away, but less so for those that just want to ask their BFF if it’s wrong to eat a cheeseburger inside a Big Mac without judgement. Is that so much to ask?

Shout out to my long-distance loves. I miss you all.

  1. You’ve perfected the art of communicating via meme tagging.
  2. And also holiday picture tagging, because you’re planning to be reunited on the trip of a lifetime.
  3. You’ve taken to calling in on their parents for a catch up, just so you can be in the same room as their DNA.
  4. You sometimes have to delay your social media posts because the filthy whore that is time distance gets in the way of their approval and feedback.
  5. On that note, it pains you to like photos of their new or different mates, but you do it anyway, to remind them who’s the boss.
  6. Also, you secretly hate their new (or different) mates.
  7. The actual hardest bit is hearing about their problems and not being able to kick the culprit in the face with a dog poo-covered shoe.
  8. Or you think of them as your mates, because let’s be honest, you know everything about their lives already.
  9. Night times with your SO has taken the back seat for your morning FaceTime.
  10. And you wait longingly for the two blue ticks of life on Whatsapp.
  11. But new relationships have become a bit of a minefield, because your SO isn’t your SO until they’ve met your BFF.
  12. You’ll happily brush your teeth or have a shower while on FaceTime.
  13. Getting drunk and calling them for a rant is a weekly occurrence, but not as fun because they’re probably sober.
  14. You’ve had to change your phone plan at least four times because the data fees keep getting out of control.
  15. Your inside jokes are a little painful now that there’s no-one around to share the LOLs.
  16. Shopping for important items like jeans or lingerie is a bloody disaster now that you can’t get real-time approval on your change room selfies.
  17. Nothing shatters your tiny heart more than missing their goodnight call by 1 minute.
  18. Panic sets in if you can’t remember the last time you properly spoke.
  19. You have notes in your phone for trivial life experiences that will be discussion points on your next call.
  20. Which will likely be a selection of pre-recorded voice messages sent when it’s the walk home for you, and 3am for them because time difference.
  21. Things like your co-workers weird ringtone or seeing your ex buying tinned chicken and assuring your BFF that they were right about them all along.
  22. Your heart never, ever fails to warm when you get a ‘saw this and thought of you’ message.

Here's everything you should be binge watching, you know, to ensure maximum meme-tagging efficiency.

Image credit: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

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