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25 Ways To Relive Your Childhood In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
28th Jun 2016

25 Ways To Relive Your Childhood In Auckland

Let’s be honest, being an adult isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Gone are the days when Mum and Dad supported your My Little Pony habit. Nowadays, you’ve gotta slave away in a nine to five if you want nice things (i.e. My Little Ponies and rent). You’re forever chasing your own tail when it comes to household chores and you’ve kissed your fast metabolism goodbye. Yup, being an adult is one tough gig. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to relive the good ol’ days of your childhood in Auckland. Here are 25 ways to find childlike joy when the going gets tough.

1. Break into your money box and stock up on Hubba Bubba from your local dairy. 

2. Order dippy eggs and soldiers from Queenies. You can have ’em with Marmite or Vegemite but if you’re a true Kiwi, you’ll get Marmite.

3. Afterwards, grab a lolly cake from The Mustard Kitchen

4. See if your trampoline skills are still up to speed at Uptown Bounce. Ten points if you can still do a flip.

5. Ride the Wiri Rambler kids’ train through the Auckland Botanic Gardens. It runs every Sunday from midday to 3pm. 

6. Fact: you’re never too old for Rainbow’s End. Recruit your bestie/bae and make a day of it. 

7. Grab an Oreo marshmallow cookie and dunk it in cold milk like the good ol’ days at Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar.  

8. Head to your nearest TimeZone and play arcade games until forget all about that laundry you need to do. 

9. Dig out your roller-skates and cruise along Tamaki Drive.

10. Cereal Killa will delight your inner-child. Here you’ll find candyfloss-topped waffles and insane freakshakes topped with the likes of caramel popcorn, Oreos and Maltesers.

11. Speaking of candyfloss, Little Sister Café do candyfloss-topped hotcakes (and they’re as delightful as they sound). 

12. Dig out your torch and play Spotlight with your flatties.

13. Relive family holidays with a camping adventure. Go glamping at Waiheke’s Wild Bay—you get to stay in your very own tipi! 

14. Remember the days of school trips to the Auckland Zoo? Head back for old time’s sake.

15. Motat was also a popular school-trip destination. It actually gets more interesting as you get older—go learn some things!

16. This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. While the dinosaur isn’t as big as you remember it as a child, it’s still as impressive. 

17. Got to your local video store (there’s still a few in operation these days) and hire out your childhood faves. The Little Mermaid and The Lion King are a good place to start. 

18. Then head to your local library to grab a book to read. We won’t judge if you bring home I Spy and The Rainbow Fish. BYO book bag.

19. Jump on board a ferry and sail the harbour. Rangitoto Island is a good destination. 

20. Miss your tree climbing days? Us too. Get your climb on at Tree Adventures

21. Play hide and seek in the North Head tunnels.

22. Make a blanket fort with bae. You’ll need an ample supply of both vino and cheese.

23. Play dress-ups at First Scene costume shop. They literally have every outfit imaginable. 

24. Hunt down Mr Whippy and treat yo’self to a soft serve. Say yes to the chocolate dip. 

25. Make yourself fairy bread. Go on, yolo.

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