28 Reasons You’ll Want To Move To Auckland

By Martha Brooke
25th Oct 2016

28 reasons you should move to auckland

Auckland, Auckland, Auckland...you continue to amaze us. Producing some of the best food around, killin’ it with live events and being home to more than a million people, it’s not just the locals who are going crazy for everything Auckland. If you've ever wanted to jump ship and sail, fly or ride to the City of Sails, we don’t blame you. Auckland really is that good.

So, whether you're a Kiwi wanting some big city fun, an expat looking to move home or are just eyeing up our fabulous country for a place to live, then this is the list for you. And hey, if you already live in Auckland town, then read on and pinch yourself about how damn lucky you are. 

1. We have a toast cafe. Sweet, savoury and oh so scrumptious.

2. We have some of the most badass cakes ever: fact. *Cue dribbling.

3. We have a cycle beer tour. Cycle to your booze, blast the tunes and be the envy of the whole CBD (and every other city in NZ!)

4. We have Giapo. Need we say more?!

5. And Dominion Road. Where else can you get that many dumplings on the cheap?!

6. You can go glamping in so many b-e-a- uuutiful spots.

7. We have Topshop, H & M and Zara. Ha suckers!

8. Our housewives have their own show. Don’t know if we should be proud of that one or not…

9. We may as well be the capital. Hello 1.4 million Aucklander’s! Wellington who?

10. We have not one, but two cat cafes. How utterly purrfect.

11. In under forty minutes you can escape city life and be on a paradise island. Waiheke, we’re looking at you.

12. Speaking of paradise, have you ever been to The Blue Breeze Inn? Coconut cocktails, yes please!

13. The sunsets over the skyline are simply stunning.

14. Our accessibility to everything is off the chain. Bali, bach’s and beautiful beaches!

15. Speaking of beaches, Piha’s black sands are a West Auckland treat.

16. We were voted the world’s third most liveable city. We must be doing something right!

17. Because although you might not be able to afford city centre living quarters, you can grab a place in one of the surrounding and funky suburbs. Kingsland and Mount Eden are top of our list!

18. And you might be able to see the Sky Tower from your window. Unless it’s raining, then it disappears.

19. You can feast on some of the best burgers around. White Lady, Burger Burger, Corner Burger, saving us from hangovers one bun at a time!

20. Everyone knows that Auckland has the best night life. No closing at 11pm, no thank you! Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBODY!

21. You can bump into Shortland Street actors, Bachelor contestants and local ‘celebs’ on the reg.

22. We are one of the most Insta-grammable cities ever. (Well in New Zealand anyway!)

23. Where else can you see so many bearded, top-knotted men?

24. We don’t have extreme weather. Not too hot, not too cold, just the way we like it.

25. Our city is surrounded by greenery and parks. Forget pollution and smog, we are one fresh-to-death city.

26. Aucklanders are friendly. Unless they’re in traffic.

27. We have a cycle path. That's pink. Beat that. 

28. You’ll be able to say that you live in the coolest place in New Zealand. Period.

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson

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