30 Extremely Auckland Things That Happened In 2017

By Nina Franklin
21st Dec 2017

30 Extremely Auckland Things That Happened In 2017

As the year draws to a close, let us sit back and reminisce on the year that was 2017: and what a year it was. We had sun-drenched roof top bars popping up all over the show, epic foodie creations to cure even the darkest of hangovers and a rockin’ local was elected as our Prime Minister. Auckland really turned it on for us this year and we cannot wait to see was 2018 has in store for us.

So, to bid farewell to the year that was, with these 30 extremely Auckland things that happened in 2017.

  1. While technically she’s from Waikato, Jacinda chooses to live in Auckland and became our Prime Minister. Yusss!
  2. Some genius created “The Piefee” coz coffee in a cup is so 2016.
  3. Christmas came early when MAC gave away free lippies.
  4. We kissed goodbye our beloved pirate ship. R.I.P.
  5. Ice cream poutine became a thang.
  6. We were promised a storm so violent that the Harbour Bridge would close yet only got a mild wind.
  7. The Warriors choked in the final against Aussie. Again.
  8. We got major fash-un envy at NZ Fashion Week.
  9. A sushi bar opened up for all the Auckland doggos.
  10. We spiced up our lives at the Hot Sauce Festival.
  11. Reality TV’s King and Queen got engaged.
  12. But love was not in the air for Zac and Viarni, who called splitsville on their relationship.
  13. Iconic SPQR went up for sale.
  14. But  Augustus opened and won our hearts.
  15. Golden Dawn got given its marching orders.
  16. The food gods came down and gifted us metre-long cheese cake.
  17. We got the shit scared out of us at the Festival of Horror.
  18. We got a fancy pants new rooftop bar.
  19. Mac‘n’cheese met a doughnut and made a baby.
  20. Mecca Maxima FINALLY opened its doors and everyone lost their shit.
  21. We got an EPIC tunnel and eeeeevvvveeryone lost their shit. Again.
  22. Our prayers were answered in the form of a cocktail delivery service.
  23. The world famous Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake landed on our shores and into our bellies.
  24. We jumped on board the Married at First Sight train and couldn’t. Look. Away.
  25. Ben insulted the hell out of Auckland and yet he’s still here.
  26. And Belle STILL didn’t get her happily ever after.
  27. Adele visited our shores every show was sold out because, Adele. 
  28. Our Queen Bee—Lorde released a banger of a new album.
  29. We threw back a vodka cocktail and sung all the words to I Will Survive at Vodka Room.
  30. Doughnut delivery was invented and we just couldn’t even.

Image Credit: Rainbows End

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