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30 Questions You’ll Ask When You Move To New Zealand

By Ian Benet
19th Jul 2016

30 Questions You'll Ask When You Move To New Zealand

Arriving in for a new life in New Zealand my head was full of questions. Below are 30 of them. Some have been answered, most haven’t. 

  1. Whaka.. what?
  2. Can you spell it for me?
  3. Did he really just say that on the radio?
  4. How come you get a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday but Poms don’t?
  5. Is there anyone who wasn’t an extra in Lord of the Rings?
  6. What time does Spitting Feathers open?
  7. Why does everyone in rural New Zealand give me that look when I say I’m living in Auckland?
  8. Will you sponsor me so I can stay in the country?
  9. Will you marry me so I can stay in the country?
  10. So what exactly is a dairy?
  11. Feijoa. Where’s that?
  12. Why has that person not got any shoes on?
  13. Am I supposed to know who the Briscoes lady is?
  14. So rent is $450. We’re talking a month, right?
  15. Is anyone going to bring me the bill?
  16. What’s Eftpos?
  17. So apart from London and Edinburgh, what other parts of the UK did you visit on your OE?
  18. Did he really pull that girl’s ponytail?
  19. How is this front page news?
  20. So how long have you been in New Zealand?
  21. Is a shore girl really a sure thing?
  22. Why doesn’t everyone just take the train?
  23. Why are the electrical plugs so badly designed?
  24. Is saying that not considered politically incorrect?
  25. So is this a sweet or a lolly?
  26. Explain to me how your health system works again?
  27. Are all the beaches this beautiful?
  28. A tomato/avocado/punnet of strawberries costs how much? 
  29. Why don’t we do things like this in back home?
  30. Why is everyone so friendly?

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