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35 Things That Are So Hamilton It Hurts

By Natasha Van Der Laan
7th Jun 2019

35 Things That Are So Hamilton It Hurts

Hamilton, we can’t help but love you. While we might be at the brunt of all chlamydia jokes and endlessly mocked by Aucklanders, we know this city is—indeed—the city of the future.

And, because we love the mighty Waikato as much as Good George beer and Duck Island ice cream, we’ve come up with 35 things that are undeniably, completely and utterly Hamilton. Here goes…

  1. Burning your throat on a backdraft at The Outback.
  2. Getting annoyed if you have to wait in traffic for anything longer than 10 minutes.
  3. Impressing your out-of-town mates with a visit to the world-class Hamilton Gardens.
  4. Then ‘gramming it up in the Italian Renaissance Garden.
  5. Conquering The Haks and posting an inspirational ‘gram from the top #fitspo.
  6. Not going anywhere without seeing someone you know from school.
  7. And forget six degrees of separation, it’s two.
  8. Getting a 12-pack of Mamas Donuts.
  9. Not getting a 12-pack of Mamas Donuts because they’re shut…again.
  10. Braving The Base on the weekend.
  11. Instantly regretting it when you realise the chaos of the car park.
  12. Frothing with anticipation as you wait in line at Duck Island.
  13. Then ordering three scoops because you can’t choose between white chocolate miso, mint choc chip and peanut butter caramel cookie. Yes, please.
  14. Pairing your meal with Hamilton’s finest export: Good George.
  15. Leaving for London after uni.
  16. Coming back when you’re ready to breed/buy a house.
  17. Brunching with your BFF at Hayes Common.
  18. Reminiscing on the good ol’ days of Bahama Hut, Pie Lab (RIP $2 shots) and Monkey Feather.
  19. Weekend road trips to Raglan for brunch at The Shack before hitting the beach.
  20. Devouring the world’s best cheeseburger (like, legit) from Winner Winner.
  21. And polishing it off with a slice of Pinky Pie.
  22. Driving to Auckland for a shopping trip. Mecca! Zara! H&M! Lululemon!
  23. Finishing a night out with a loaf of garlic bread from The Bakehouse.
  24. Going to Kmart at 10pm on a weeknight because you’re young, wild and free like that.
  25. Eating yourself into a food coma at Gourmet In The Gardens.
  26. Donning your Kathmandu puffer jacket and taking your mooloo bell to the stadium.
  27. Spending Sunday morning eating your way around the Waikato Farmers Market.
  28. Getting pumped for Easter and the highly anticipated return of Volare’s hot cross buns.
  29. Rounding up your squad for bottomless brunch at Keystone.
  30. Braving the Mighty Waikato for a river float.
  31. Waking up to a hot air balloon outside your bedroom window and realising Balloons Over Waikato is back for another year.
  32. Quietly getting super pumped when you catch a glimpse of a novelty-shaped balloon. Omg Darth Vader.
  33. Taking your mum to high tea at Zealong.
  34. Blaming Jafas and/or investment buyers for the rising house prices.
  35. Realising that Hamilton will forever be home.

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga At Duck Island Ice Cream

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