40 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Bachelor This Week

By Martha Brooke
4th Apr 2017

the bachelor nz round up

The Bachelor, a.k.a Zac, hasn't just caught the attention of the nine remaining ladies, he's only gone and got us going cuckoo too. As we glue ourselves to the TV week after week and learn the ins and outs of his potential captors, we can't help but form opinions and favourites while watching. For the first non-lesbian kiss of the series and more bitchy digs, see what else we were thinking this week as we all tuned in.

1. Wearing your own name on a hat is a sure fire way to get him to remember your name, eh Mol?! 

2. Single date! You go, Claudia.

3. Zac’s face matches his sunburnt chest and damn, he sure as hell likes what he sees! 


7. Shall we get Zac a M.A.C gift card because he wears lippy oh-so well?

8. Arghhh Katey and Lucia, get a room!

9. Katey: "Sleep with one eye open, bitch." Woah!

10. Are you a sponsor, Tim Tam? Send us some, too!

11. A threesome date? Does Zac know what he's in for?

12. Katey: "I stabbed my sister with a pen once." Okayyyy then.

14. They did not just check their teeth in front of him! 

13. Claudia in shades? More like Johnny Depp circa Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

14. "He's got to kiss a few frogs before he finds his princess." Meow, Viarni.

15. Another day, another cocktail party. 

17. Hannah: "He’s gonna f*****g come and get me." Woah.

18. He f*****g came and got you, Hannah!

19. Katey, why the hell would you bring Claudia's kiss up like that?! Well-deserved daggers from Zac. 

20. Is Zac Nina’s therapist, or?

21. Why do the girls feel the need to say thanks every time he speaks to them?

22. Victory! Good riddance, Katey! Poor Lucia.

23. Single date with Belle at Villa Maria #teambelle.

25. Blindfolds. Kinky. 

26. Zach really knows his wine...errr.

27. Belle is definitely the kind of girl he could take home to mum.

28. They are going to kiss. Oh, hang on...

19. Happy Birthday, Molly!

31. And the fountain hair is back just in time for the celebrations! 

32. Oooo! Another group date and this time they're getting behind a wheel. Bring on Lily.

33. Zac sure likes to test their physical performance. 

32. Molly: "I didn’t hit him, but I’ll hit on him." Smoooooth.

33. That dirt track hill hasn't got anything on Franklin Road.

34. Time with Sophie. Watch out, honey!

35. Yusss! Another cocktail party!

36. Lily: "I have something for you up my skirt." That’s one way to get his attention! 

36. Lily, again: "Do you eat the skin on kiwi fruit?" It's all about the important things in life. 

37. Get Lily her own show!

37. Damn, Lucia. You are beautiful. Don't let that dickhead ex tell you otherwise. 

38. Just remember real beauty is on the inside. No need to be bitchy. 

39. That group date thing is actually a curse. Bye bye, Sophie.

40. Next time your mama says don't talk about crystals, you might wanna listen!

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