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5 Sensational Things To Do In Auckland This Week

By Bella Ramdhanie
15th Jan 2018


Whether you're psyched or crying on the inside, most of us are now back at work. That’s right, 2018 is officially happening, and there doesn't seem to be much we can do to stop it. Lucky for us, Auckland has a bunch of weird and exciting events this week.

From a yoga class with cats to an epic circus night, you’re in for a treat. So step right outta your comfort zone, spice up your life and show 2018 who’s boss.

Monday 15th January

Julius Caesar Pop-Up

We've got no problem saying it again—the pop-up globe is not to be missed. This Monday, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is coming to life. We won't spoil the ending, but trust us, you're in for a good night. Audience participation is encouraged, too.

Tuesday 16th January

Zirka Circus

If you liked The Greatest Showman, you'll love this one. Zirka Circus is on this week. The crowds have been massive so far, so booking ahead is a given. Get your friends on board, get your hands on some candy floss and let the magic begin. 

Wednesday 17th January

Cat Yoga

We realise cat yoga isn't a normal way to spend your Wednesday morning. That's what makes it awesome. The event (highly encouraged for all our crazy cat people) consists of a yoga class where you'll find yourself with the company of 21 rescue cats. And it gets better—coffee is included during cool-down time. Score.

Thursday 18th January

Marlin’s Dreaming Not That Bad Tour

Start your weekend early this week and head to Neck of the Woods for the ‘Marlin’s Dreaming Not That Bad Tour’. We know it's only January and all, but it's never too early for a good night out. The epic line-up includes Marlin’s Dreaming and performances from the Dunedin groups Soaked Oats and Mild Orange. Get your hands on tickets ASAP.

Jamie Bowen At The Comedy Club

For those of us who are still a tad run-down from New Year's, this is the place for you. Laughter is the best medicine after all, so head to The Comedy Club and check out Jamie Bowen. With a new year kicking off and new responsibilities piling up, a good laugh is the perfect way to unwind. 

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