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5 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Home Now You’re An Adult

By Georgia Jayne Young
24th Nov 2017

5 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Home Now You’re An Adult

Our home is arguably the place where we spend the most of our not-at-work hours of our lives (when we aren’t on the hunt for the best brunch spots in town, of course), so it makes sense that our home will impact on our happiness and that we should all put a lil’ effort into making them oh-so lovely. And, even if you’re still living with mom and pop, there are some things that you should now be doing that you’re a … you know…adult.

They’re simple, they’re easy and they’ll make you feel grown up AF.

Get On The Indoor Plant Buzz Asap

ICYMI, indoor plants are now a major thing and we are totally digging them. Not only do they make our space look trendy af, they actually make you happier! Yup, studies have shown that indoor plants can improve concentration, productivity levels and mood, whilst reducing stress levels. Basically they release oxygen (what we breathe), absorb carbon dioxide AND eliminate toxins, which is pretty fricken epic if you ask us. Forget dogs, plants are the new babies. 

Make Your Bed 

If you’ve read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, you’ll know that the key to happiness is making your bed....well, maybe not the key, but it’s definitely a good first step. As surprising as it seems, the number one habit to increase happiness is to make your bed, according to Rubin after years of research. After all, if “outer order leads to inner calm”, making your bed should do the trick! And we’re pretty sure that we get extra points for adding a ton of aesthetically pleasing cushions that serve no real purpose, right?

Light Some Candles 

What is something else you should be doing? Lighting candles. Having a house that smells like a vanilla caramel oasis will keep those senses alive and make you feel like you belong. We are obsessed with candles and diffusers for this exact reason and why wouldn’t we be when there’s literally a flavour for every mood and occasion? We’re talking coconut and lime for when you’re feeling like a tropical escape, ‘sea mist’ for a more beachy vibe or burnt sugar and fig for when you want the house to smell like you can cook, but you really cbf cooking.

Use Colour Consciously

Research shows that when our eyes connect with different colours, our brain releases chemicals that impact us physically and emotionally. For instance, yellow stimulates the release of serotonin—the feel good chemical, while red will increase your heart rate, crazy huh? Use blues and greens in your home to promote a calm, peaceful environment and deep sleeps—goodbye insomnia! 

Display Your Photos

If you’re anything like us, you probably have approximately 4,000 photos on your iPhone, half of which are food screenshots of places you need to eat and the other half are actual photos you took, looked at once and now remain imprisoned in that little box forever (or until you run out of storage am-I-right??). Why not take a walk down memory lane and actually print some of those gems and display them in those old fashioned things called photo frames?

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