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50 Of Auckland’s Guiltiest Pleasures

By Marilynn McLachlan
27th Jul 2016

50 Of Auckland’s Guiltiest Pleasures

Oh Auckland, you’re a little gem that we just love. And while we know that we’re meant to be perfect (read: smoothies, regular exercise and saving for retirement), we’re human so sometimes we listen to that little voice in our head that tells us to spend a little bit more, eat a little more or otherwise indulge in things we know we probably shouldn’t. 

We here at The Urban List have decided to shed the shame and be loud and proud about the things we just love to do. So, without further ado, here is our list of Auckland’s guiltiest pleasures. 

  1. Spending the extra dosh and going VIP at Taste Of Auckland—errr SEATING people!
  2. Poutine at The Fed—you know it’s so bad it’s gotta be good for you.
  3. Eating your way through the choc pot at Blue Breeze Inn. That baby is heaven in a bowl.
  4. Going Gold Class at the movies. You know it’s already going to cost you a week’s rent, so why not make it two?
  5. Shopping up large at Kmart (every damn weekend) even though you know you should be supporting local businesses. 
  6. Snuggling under a blanket and watching one of the summer’s outdoor films. 
  7. Watching The Bachelor. You know you did. 
  8. Getting totally star-struck when you see a celeb you totally pretended you didn’t see.
  9. Ordering the beer ‘tastings’ at Hallertau’s beer garden.
  10. Spending thousands on a dog you love so much it’s pretty much human.
  11. Being in a corporate box at a concert when it rains. Those poor sodden sods.
  12. Buying coffee every. Single. Day. 
  13. Sunday strolls along Cheltenham Beach.
  14. Getting drive-through takeaways in your pyjamas.
  15. Eating a breakfast burger from Ceremony when hung-over. 
  16. Booking an Uber when it’s on 2.8 increase, because who does buses?
  17. Ordering Wine Box. Wine delivered? We’re sold. 
  18. Saturday morning op shopping. 
  19. Filling your house with Ecoya candles and diffusers. 
  20. Upgrading your Air NZ membership so you can be in the Koru lounge at the airport even though you only fly domestic.
  21. Long lunches at Ostro.
  22. Spending hours at Unity Books.
  23. Buying said books just to smell the paper.
  24. Watching the sunset while eating fish and chips at Maratai Beach. 
  25. Renting a place even when it costs three quarters of your salary just to be close to the action. 
  26. Never getting tired of the cityscape when coming over the bridge.
  27. Treating those muscles to a hot stone massage.
  28. Getting your food delivered, even though you could walk five mins up the road. 
  29. Decorating your desk with everything from kikki.K.
  30. Summer afternoons at Jack Tar. Burger included.  
  31. Booking a hotel room in the CBD just so you don’t have to go all the way home after a big night out. 
  32. Getting all the samples at The Food Show. 
  33. Googling the Real Housewives Of Auckland to find out who they are and what spats await your viewing pleasure.
  34. Eating all the pasta at Non Solo Pizza
  35. Taking a day off work and going court side at the ASB Classic. 
  36. Sipping champagne and eating leftovers on the back lawn when all the other mugs are stuck in holiday traffic. 
  37. Bracu. We don’t need to say another word.
  38. Getting your hair and makeup done at Dry & Tea before a night out. 
  39. Wild weekends on Waiheke. 
  40. Seeing how the other half live by scrolling through the pics in the real estate section on Trade Me. 
  41. Doughnuts from Little and Friday.
  42. Spending your savings on the sales at New Zealand Fashion Weekend. 
  43. Relaxing in a floatation tank. 
  44. Consuming the meal that is the freakshake at Cereal Killa.  
  45. Doing cheesy, touristy things you should have been bored of by now.
  46. Feeling connected to your inner-self at a yoga class at TRUE and following it with a vino overlooking the ocean on their balcony. 
  47. Ice cream and wine in the clouds at Sky Café
  48. Slipping a Women’s Day into your weekly grocery shop. 
  49. Blowing your savings to buy a pair of Kathryn Wilson shoes.
  50. Obsessing over every list published on this site. 

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Image credit: AbsoluteNZ

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