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50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer

By Urban List Writers
6th Dec 2017

50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer

Cellllebrate good times, come on!

We don’t know about you, but here at The Urban List, we couldn’t be happier that summer is finally here. With the chance to top up tans and get stuck into a shit-load of ice cream, just the thought of the upcoming months is enough to make us squeal in excitement!

To make the most of the party season here in Auckland, we have proudly created this kick-ass list of the top 50 things to do in Auckland this summer. See you at the beach, peeps!

  1. Make like Dory and just keep swimming. Sea, pool or paddling pool, we don’t care, just don your togs and kick those legs!
  2. Snorkel the waters. Will you find Dory?
  3. Drive a scooter around Waiheke Island. The views and sea breeze = one unforgettable experience!
  4. Have a picnic in the park. Scotch eggs, sandwiches and sunshine. Ahhh bliss.
  5. Or, head to Christmas in the Park for a stellar line up of all things festive!
  6. Explore our amazing city. Discover secluded beaches, hidden hikes and sun-filled scenery.
  7. Go back to basics and camp in one of the surrounding DOC sites.
  8. Discover Tawharanui’s rock pools. Look for starfish and other magical sea creatures while soaking in the summer rays.
  9. Practice your balance and learn how to paddle board. Too hard? Just stand there and look pretty for the camera.
  10. Get ready to sway the night away as Fat Freddy’s Drop take to the stage at Villa Maria Winery.
  11. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Joshua’s Ice Cream is salivating-worthy and oh-so tempting! See ya later porridge!
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer
  12. Pull up a pew and enjoy the social event of the year—Silo Park Outdoor Cinema.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer
  13. Don your flower crown and attend one of the many festivals happening this summer.
  14. Buy an inflatable pool toy. Slice of pizza, unicorn or doughnut? You decide.
  15. Find a pool to use said inflatable. Hello, rich friend’s parents!
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer
  16. Embrace the great outdoors and get your glamp on—it's camping with a dash of glamour, what's not to love?
  17. Have a classic kiwi Tip Top ice cream at a dairy on your favourite beach. 
  18. Go on an epic road trip. Just you, your besties and the open road. Fingers crossed there will be no traffic!
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer
  19. Go on an epic road trip to the Coromandel—our fave destination this summer.
  20. Feed the ducks at Western Springs. Yes, we are guilty of eating the majority of the bread too, don’t worry.
  21. Have a water fight. Release your inner Mission Impossible-esque moves and avoid those balloons!
  22. Play hopscotch on the pavement. All you need is chalk and a pavement. Easy as!
  23. Make your own lemonade and sell it outside your house. It’s worth 50c, promise!
  24. Hire a tandem bike and cycle around Mission Bay. Take the backseat and let your partner do all the work without realising!
  25. Buy a kite.
  26. Fly your kite.
  27. Lose your kite.
  28. Tie-dye all of your clothes. It’s summer, it’s allowed.
  29. Build a sandcastle at one of these bad ass beaches.
  30. Have a BBQ. Sausage sizzle get at me!
  31. Have multiple BBQ’s. Who can say no to good company and a ‘is this meant to be pink’ chicken skewer?
  32. Eat all the ice cream cookie sandwiches. Why not start here?
  33. Make your own frozé. That’s frozen Rosé for all those late to this life-changing trend.
  34. Go star gazing. Clear skies and stunning constellations make for a jaw-dropping experience.
  35. Pick your own strawberries at Phil Greig Strawberry Farm. Pssst, they are a great addition to frozé!
  36. Pick free avos at Otuataua Stonefields between November and March. Shush, this is one of Auckland’s best kept secrets!
  37. Make your own slip’n’slide in your backyard. Get clean and have fun at the same time! Win, win!
  38. Go to a carnival. Merry-go-rounds and candy floss all day, err day.
  39. Visit Franklin Road for the notorious Christmas light display. Super cute and ‘tis a good feeling knowing it’s not your electric bill…
  40. Keep an eye out for dolphins on an AWAD’s boat cruise. Sun, sea and a whole lotta ‘ahhh’s’.
  41. Blow bubbles. Everyone knows that bigger is better.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Summer
  42. Sip the day away drinking cocktails at one of these stunning outdoor areas.
  43. Put those yoga pants to good use and move that body outdoors at one of these breath-taking spots.
  44. Host a car wash. Jessica Simpson ain’t got nothing on you.
  45. Toast those marshmallows over a bonfire and transform that glorious goo into a scrummy little s’more.
  46. Watch a sunrise or sunset on the beach. Oh Auckland, you so pwetty.
  47. Go skinny dipping in the dark. Release those inhibitions and undies!
  48. Let off a lantern to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  49. Find a boyfriend to share all of this with.
  50. Or revel in the fact that he would just make you too hot in bed.

See ya!

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Image credit: Silo Park, RnV,  The Gardens, The Coromandel 

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