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50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter

By Marilynn McLachlan
6th Jun 2018

50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter

Hello darkness, our old friend. The days are shorter and the temperature has plummeted but it’s not all bad news. A certain charm descends on the city and we no longer need an excuse to wear our pyjamas all day or to load up on carbs.

Whether you’re about hibernation or giving your winter boots a workout, here are 50 things to do in Auckland this winter that will (almost) distract you from missing summer.

  1. If you love the snow but don’t have any holidays left, make your way to SnowPlanet for a ski sesh. 
  2. Eat everything at The House of Chocolate
  3. Grab a coffee. And a cocktail. In the same glass.  
  4. Put Frozen on loop, because the cold never bothered you anyway.
  5. Explore these caves. Because darkness.
  6. Stay mindful and take up origami.
  7. Keep warm beneath hot stones at East Day Spa
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  8. Alternatively, ditch the outerwears and float your way to happiness and warmth
  9. Cuddle often. Anyone will do.
  10. Dress to impress and head along to The Winter Social.
  11. Make like the rest of Auckland on a Saturday morning and visit the Matakana Farmers’ Markets and devour a comforting crepe. 
  12. Relearn that instrument you were forced to learn as a kid.
  13. Torment flatties with said instrument.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  14. Who needs mittens when you can hug a bowl of ramen
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  15. Wrap up nice and warm, brave the elements and enjoy Auckland’s best weekend walks and hikes
  16. Caption your Instagram posts with complaints about how cold it is in Auckland.
  17. Slap the person who reminds you how much you moaned about the heat a few short months ago.
  18. Enjoy a deconstructed hot chocolate. Who needs someone else to make it, anyway? 
  19. Tame your mane, or—better yet—reinvent yourself at one of these hair salons. 
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  20. Marvel at the wintery magic of Aotea Square’s ice rink.
  21. Celebrate Matariki in radiant style at MOTAT's Night Lights.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  22. Take a tour of the top-notch soups Auckland has to warm your soul.
  23. Enhance the winter vibes with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and enjoy a dancing performance of The Nutcracker.
  24. Kid yourself that you’re on the beaches of Thailand with a culinary trip to Saan
  25. Take yourself to The Candy Shop and slurp on some authentic Korean dumpling soup.
  26. Get your winter layer on with 50 of the best deep fried dishes
  27. Decorate your home with fairy lights and invite friends and family over for a mid-winter Christmas.
  28. Head to the Auckland Art Gallery for a day of arts and culture. Then head to Albert Park to play in the golden leaves.
  29. Read all the books on your bedside table.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  30. Eat your weight in doughnuts.
  31. Bounce it off here
  32. Adopt a dog. Those pooches know how to keep you warm.
  33. Get matching outfits…With your dog.
    50 Things To Do In Auckland This Winter
  34. Go on a dumpling tour at one of many Auckland's dumpling joints,
  35. Watch all the shows on Netflix—make sure you know the secret categories you need to search.
  36. Get creative during the cold season and participate in the Auckland festival of photography photo day
  37. Too cold to make it to the gym? Exercise at home…With wine. It’s a thing
  38. Work your way around Auckland’s hidden restaurants, cafes and bars. 
  39. Up your cooking skills with a class at Sachie’s Kitchen
  40. Get to know an Auckland precinct. Ponsonby, Takapuna, Mt. Eden, Devonoport and Federal St have got it going onnnn.
  41. Pick up a new hobby, give pottery or calligraphy a go, floristry, sewing, or jewellery making even.
  42. Start a Pinterest board of all the places you’d rather be.
  43. Get your freak on with these mighty shakes. 
  44. Before you get dressed each morning, put your clothes in the dryer #winning.
  45. Tuck into an epic morning burger at this spot. 
  46. Head to the movies and eat all the popcorn.
  47. Take a blanket because Auckland theatres don’t believe in heating.
  48. Buy a pair of Peter Alexander Homeboots and wear them to work. Make sure you get the hot pink ones to make a statement.
  49. Start your day right with a posh porridge.
  50. Dedicate the cooler months to becoming Insta famous with these handy tips.

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