57 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Married At First Sight Final

By Urban List Writers
13th Nov 2017

57 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Married At First Sight Final

Well, well. We’ve come to the end of the road for Married at First Sight. While we are now seriously confused about how to spend our Sunday and Monday nights, we’ll never forget the roller coaster this series was.

While only one couple managed to stay together, we were happy to see that they’d all get in a room together to bitch about each other one more time.

Here were 57 thoughts we had while watching the Married at First Sight reunion.

  1. “The biggest decision of their lives?!” Yeah, nah.
  2. Vicky’s hoping there’s gonna be no drama. Pot, kettle and all that.
    married at first sight final
  3. Ben and Aaron’s faces read like the rest of the country with Lacey’s walking out. 
  4. Nice to see Luke dressed up for the reunion.
  5. Oh Dom and Claire. You’re still so cute together.
    married at first sight nz
  6. Lacey’s face says all her bitchy feelings. 
    married at first sight nz
  7. And she won’t even look at the recap. 
  8. Lacey doesn’t seem to realise how much she changed in those few short day.
  9. Lacey says they should have talked earlier. Did she forget she cold shouldered him?
    married at first sight nz final
  10. “He could have turned up to wherever I was. He could have called me.” Ummm…he didn’t have your number did he even know where you were? 
  11. “Luke’s behaviour at the cocktail party, I didn’t find appropriate.” Oh mannnnn. Meanwhile…everyone else…
  12. Pani is really going for it. We likey.
  13. Lacey is walking out! He didn’t say anything wrong!
  14. And Vicky (aka the woman who didn’t want drama) is following her.
    married at first sight nz final
  15. Lacey wants an even approach. Pani and the country just want answers! 
  16. OMG OMG…Pani’s going to go there!!!
  17. She accuses Luke of something then does the same.
  18. And…she’s gone again. So. Much. Drama.
  19. So. Many. Unanswered. Questions.
    married at first sight nz final
  20. Claire’s reactions are the best. 
  21. Can these two get back together already?
  22. They didn’t have that physical attraction but they were bunnies?
  23. They keep saying they are so different. But…they are so good together!
    married at first sight nz final
  24. Hang on, what? Lacey is back? 
  25. And…Bel and Haydn are up!
    married at first sight nz final
  26. Pretty shitty when one of your friends is texting your husband. And vice versa. 
  27. Bel’s crying already.
  28. Bel…you also manipulated the other girls.
  29. They were a huge support because you told them your side only.
  30. Was Hadyn the beast Bel makes him out to be?
  31. What was her personality type, Hadyn?
  32. “I didn’t think I’d be dealing with things like this.” We didn’t either, Hadyn.
  33. And…now Vicky and Andrew.
    married at first sight nz final
  34. Vicky and Andrew had talked about renewing their vows but Vicky forgot? 
  35. Nope. Vicky thought they’d decided to just be friends. Weird.
  36. Did they get beyond the friend zone?!
  37. Andrew’s smile says yes! But kudos to him for keeping it private!
  38. Vicky is totally owning those texts. #respect
  39. “We should have been working on ourselves more than other people’s things.” Nailed it, Andrew.
  40. They’ve already hung out heaps?! Is there a teency bit of hope?
    married at first sight nz final
  41. And this is the other side of Vicky.
    married at first sight nz final
  42. And Lacey shows her true colours. Again. 
  43. Ben and Aaron. Things could get ugly.
  44. “I could come across less harsh.” Yes, indeed you could, Ben.
  45. Aaron was super committed to the process. So was Ben, to be fair.
    married at first sight nz final
  46. Aaron hadn’t even thought about how Ben might feel hanging out with his ex. Ben’s face of disbelief. 
    married at first sight nz final
  47. Lacey is playing musical chairs. 
  48. The sweet valley of the travelling pants?! What the hell is that?!
  49. “Aaron is the best guy in the room.” Nawwww. We love it when you show your softer side, Ben.
  50. The truth about Brett and Angel?! Is there going to be scandal?
  51. Can Brett and Angel be any cuter?
  52. Everyone in that room is grinning.
  53. Start with a French bulldog before starting a family. Auckland has had an impact.
  54. She’s moved again! 
    married at first sight nz final
  55. Besties for life. Gotta be one of the success stories.
  56. Bye New Zealand thank you for everything. Le sigh. Would you like a ride to the airport?
  57. Anddddd…that’s a wrap. Farewell MAFS, it’s been a blast. 

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